Marabha Charles Mirisi, biography, wife and comedies

Marabha Charles Mirisi

Marabha whose real name is Charles Mirisi, is a Zimbabwean born comedian well known for acting together with Kapfupi for a long time in Zim comedy movies.

Biography and Profile

Real name: Charles Mirisi

Born: 1981

Occupation: Acting, comedian and musician

Stage name: Marabha

Spouse: Susan Mukumbirofa (age 30)

From: Seke, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe

Lives: Epworth, Harare, Zimbabwe

Gender: Male

Charles “Marabha” Mirisi(born 1981) is a Zimbabwean born comedian who is well known by his acting name Marabha on Kapfupi’s comedies. He was born in a family of Mirisi, he is the fourth child of Mr and Mrs Mirisi, he was born in Seke, in the province of Mashonaland East in Zimbabwe. Marabha is currently living in Harare in a small location called Epworth which is near Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.


“Marabha” Charles Mirisi started acting with Kapfupi (Known as Freddy Manjalima), they started acting when Freddy had a contract with Gramma Records, by then Freddy’s acting team had only three people which includes Aphiri, Chimutashu and the founder Freddy himself.

List of comedies:

  • Ngirozi Yedenga which he released with Bhabhalazi (born Conwell Ndlovu) July 2019- the drama is about a guardian angel who protect and give directions to people.
  • Kapfupi- What goes around part 1- released in around 2007- Kapfupi and Marabha will be looking to propose the same girl by impressing her with lies, since they wanted the same girl, Marabha had to prove to the girl that Kapfupi was not worth it, as well  Marabha had to do the same for Kapfupi and they both lost the opportunity to win the girl’s heart.
  • Marabha acted on many dramas with Kapfupi including “Nhamo haiperi”, “Marabha at Shrine”, “Marabha and Bhabhalazy – Varoyi”, “Rondedzero ”, “Go worries Go” and many more.

Real life challenges:

During Marabha’s acting career with Kapfupi, they had disagreements and Marabha left Kapfupi to start his own acting production, this led Marabha to suffer lot of financial crisis whereby Marabha started accusing Kapfupi of bewitching him into a poverty-stricken person. These allegations developed after Marabha joined Holy Baptised Apostolic Church of Christ in Africa led by Bishop Susan Ziki Dube. Kapfupi responded by denying these allegations. H-metro.  Marabha suffered some serious poverty to a point that some charitable people like Sekuru Banda had built the actor a six roomed house.

2017, Marabha was robbed by thugs when he was on his way from Chinoyi where they were selling their comedy DVDs, the thugs wanted to take a bag of money which Marabha and his partner had acquired. During this robbery, the thugs beaten Marabha severely in the head which led Marabha to have some brain damage, he went through surgical operation, after that Marabha had a problem of falling which led to his broken arm and his speech is now affected, he speak very slowly thus affecting his acting career, as a result of this Marabha suffered more poverty.

Until now the actor is still suffering, but Kapfupi had to come to his rescue, rescuing his old friend, he had to go public to ask for charity from the family of Zimbabwe to help Marabha out of his struggles, of which Marabha is seen in a YouTube video(released recently on the 19th of June 2020) thanking Zimbabwe for assistance.


“Marabha” Charles Mirisi is married to his 30 years old wife Susan Mukumbirofa  and they are blessed with three children.

Contact details for Marabha, probably if you would like to assist him to get back on his feet by offering financial help to rejuvenate his acting career you can call: +263777117862.

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