Freddy Kapfupi Manjalima biography: awards, background, music and acting career.

Kapfupi Freddy Manjalima - Marabha
Freddy Manjalima

Kapfupi whose real name is Freddy Manjalima is a well-known Zimbabwean born comedian and musician. He acted with as Kapfupi on his comedy series Kapfupi which he featured his colleague Charles “Marabha” Mirisi, as musian, he featured Mtukudzi, Jahpraizer, and many other Zimbabwean musicians.

Biography and Profile

Real name: Freddy Manjalima

Born: October 31, 1978

Occupation: Acting, Comedian and Musician (1998- present)

Stage name: Kapfupi

Spouse(s): Precious Kabrito (married 2007), Margaret Gejo(divorced)

From: Harare, Zimbabwe

Lives: Epworth, Harare, Zimbabwe

Gender: Male

Freddy Manjalima “Kapfupi” (born on October 31, 1978) is a Zimbabwean born musician-cum-comedian, born in Harare on the 31st of October 1978 to his Malawian father Joseph Manjalima. Kapfupi is currently living in a small town called Epworth which is in the proximity of Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. He is well known for his hilarious comedy series such as “What goes around comes around” and “Notorious Kapfupi. Kapfupi is also known for his music including his award-winning song “Mai Nga”.

Background and Education:

Kapfupi was born in Harare on October 31, 1978 to his Malawian father Joseph Manjalima and his Zimbabwean mother Mrs Manjalima. Kapfupi grew up in a farm called Mara in Ruwa, where he was herding cattle. He once became a gardener in farm along side Mutare Road.

The “Notorious Kapfupi” actor attended Raymondale Primary School where his passion for acting and music started. He later attended Domboramwari Secondary School in Epworth where he droped out in form 2 or “Grade 9”. Kapfupi’s father wanted him to follow in his footsteps of becoming a tailor according to the family tradition but he eventually followed his heart’s desire.

“I am from a family of tailors. My father Joseph, who is from Malawi, wanted me to follow him into tailoring but I had an instinct that I would eventually become an actor and musician,” said Kapfupi.

Love life:

Kapfupi was married to Margaret Gejo whom he divorced when he fell in love with his current wife Precious “Mai Nga” Kabrito. Kapfupi got married to Precious Kabrito in 2007, they are blessed with four children, three girls and one boy. Kapfupi has got an illegitimate child as well with his ex-girlfriend Patience Chimbare.


Kapfupi always had a dream of becoming an actor ever since he was in primary school doing grade four. He started acting on the streets of Epworth just entertaining people, with a group of actors who didn’t get much recognition as him. Kapfupi used to act in most Epworth schools in line with the education curriculums.

Freddy Kapfupi Manjalima said he always wished to be like the late Safirio “Mukadota” Madzakatire, for this reason Kapfupi wear the same costume (in his comedies) that Safirio used to put on, sombrero hat, coat and pair of shorts that are reminiscent of Mukadota’s stage costume.

In 1998, at Mupuranga DomboraMwari, he teamed up with Jeffrey Chikwesere, popularly known as Aphiri, Chimutashu, Young Zebu to form True Vision Drama Club. 

Freddy Kapfupi Manjalima and his team later shifted to Harare town in First street where they got their first big recognition. Whilst in the streets,Kapfupi’s True Vision Drama Club was taken by some companies, and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation(ZBC). Thereafter they were taken to Grammar records which then shoot their first videos during the time of Ngaavongwe Musakwa.

Kapfupi started recording his first music album in 2005, his first “Uchakanga Waya” was released and received a good recognition on ZTV. This Album made Kapfupi to be recognised as one of Zimbabwe’s Sungura Music artist. In this album he featured Marabha and Bonjisi as dancer, these two, he acted with them in most of his comedies.

 Mr Manjalima went on to release two more albums which include “Mai Nga” which made him to be recognised national wide. In 2010, “Mai Nga”, one of his best Album which was voted number one on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV’s top 100, won him a National Arts Merit Award in the Song of the Year Category

To date, Kapfupi has eight albums to his credit. He featured on the video of the late Oliver Mtukudzi, Kupotsera Dope and he featured Oliver Mtukudzi on his own music Dzimba Dzinonetsa. Kapfupi worked with other musician whom he features on his songs like JahPrayzah, imon Mutambi, Mostaff, DJ Shugeta.

On his interview with Nehanda redio Kapfupi vowed to remain in the music industry forever.

Kapfupi’s drama list:

  • What goes around comes around part 1 and part 2 
  • Notorious Kapfupi
  • Kapfupi- Dindingwe Rinonaka Richikweva Rimwe
  • Wrong bag
  • Kapfupi Kunyenga Chimoko
  • Chikwama
  • Kapfupi (part 1-part7)

Kapfupi’s music albums: 

  • Juice Card- hit song Mai Nga
  • Kanga Waya
  • Zvekuita Sei Pakuita Sei?
  • Magariro

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