Hungani Ndlovu biography, age, wife and career

Hungani Ndlovu, born on 19 June 1994, is a 29 year-old South African actor well known for playing Romeo Medupe on Scandal etv and starred on Ring of Beasts. He is the founder of SANS Group, SANS stands for Strong Attitudes Nurture Success, it is an artist development studio. 

Biography Profile 

Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Ndlovu
Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Ndlovu

Full Name: Hungani Ndlovu 
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 19 June 1994
Age: 29 years old
Place of birth: Bushbuckridge, Nelspruit City
Nationality: South African 
Occupation: Actor, Dancer and DJ
Known for: Playing Romeo Medupe on Scandal
Founded: SANS group 
Personal Website:
Company website:
Spouse: Stephanie Sandows

Early life of Hungani Ndlovu

Hungani Ndlovu was born on 19 June 1994 in Bushbuckridge, Nelspruit City in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. He started dancing at a very young age it is until 2011 when he realised that creative art was his way of life. Hungani spent 3 years in the United States of America mainly in LA and NYC, studying and working.

Education of Hungani Ndlovu 

He is a graduate in Acting for Film that he obtained in LA. He was a student at Flii’Cademy (which is run by FliiStylz, one of Chris Brown’s choreographers) and attended classes from world renowned choreographers as well.

Career life Hungani  Ndlovu

Hungani Ndlovu is a trained actor, dancer and presenter. He is well known for playing Romeo Medupe on Scandal etv but left the television series in 2020. His first lead role was in Memoir Of An Honest Voice which went on to be nominated for ‘Best Short Film’ at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2015.

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In 2016, he appeared in two stage plays: A Raisin in the Sun and A Night with Sam. In 2018, he acted in the film Sipho and then HEKS in 2019. He also played lead in Black Coffee’s – Wish You Were Here music video. The former Scandal star has appeared on One (nine), The Hex and Ring of Beasts in 2021. 

Hungani Ndlovu is a survivor of domestic violence

Hungani opened up recently about his past experience with ex-lover, he said he is a survivor of domestic violence and hopes his story will help motivate others.

“The calm before my life took a left turn. Heading down a road I was very unfamiliar with and never thought I would travel but here I am today … standing tall as a survivor of domestic violence,” he wrote on Twitter. “I got into an abusive relationship when I was still in the US. My girlfriend at that time would get physical with me. We were together for one year and six months. The last six months together were so abusive.

Passionate about empowering Young people.

Hungani Ndlovu is really passionate about empowering his fellow young citizens. “I founded an artist development studio called SANS Group, because of my passion to empower others in the creative arena.” he said in his bio.

SANS Group teaches acting, dancing, showbiz, and run a small agency to represent inexperienced actors in order to provide them an opportunity  to enter the entertainment industry, Hungani is one of four directors at Matrixmen which is a NPO that supports Male Victims Of Abuse. He is also the co-founder of The Ndlovu Foundation which is an NPO that focuses on youth empowerment and helping people find their life’s purpose.

His Love life

Hungani Ndlovu with his Wife Stephanie Ndlovu
Hungani Ndlovu with his Wife Stephanie Ndlovu

Hungani was once in an abusive relationship during when he was still studying in US Los Angeles, he said he as he grew up, he was taught not to put a hand on a woman, thus his LA’s girlfriend abused​ him without him fighting back. But in the beginning of this year 2020, Hungani got married to his co-cast, Stephanie Sandows aka Ingrid on Scandal.

The couple recently posted their marriage photos online and the couple looked wonderful. The couple also collaborate on their YouTube channel called Ndlove uncut where they discuss life and relationships.

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