About us

About Us

[Safrolebs.com] is a South African information and entertainment website. The website covers topics in areas of news, stories, rumours and everything else pertaining [Southern African Celebrities] and other top celebrities from all around Africa. At [Safrolebs.com] we highly create and write about entertainment information that South Africans and the world at large care about.

Since its start in 2020, [Safrolebs.com] has always aimed to deliver news that is of great value and quality to its audience. This remains our aim at all times.

The team is driven by the Safrolebs Manifesto below:   Our main aim is to collect information from only reliable sources, arrange and organize it and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. As a result, we provide information that is of high quality, reliable and promotes knowledge, and of course entertainment.

Our mission: to provide valuable information that is uplifting to our audience through a variety of our articles.