10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names

We oftenly give our children names based on the situation we facing or the hopes we have for the child. Which is obviously a good approach but sometimes these names sounds funny mostly if they are unusual in our society. So we have celebrities who gave their babies names which funny and unusual, so stay with us as we unveil 10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names.

Number 1, Faith Nketsi who named her daughter “Sky”

10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names
Image of Faith and daughter

Media personality, influencer and model Faith Nketsi gave birth to her daughter in 2022 and named her Sky. Considering girls names in South Africa, Sky is a rare and unique name, it actually sounds funny to some, because who can name their child Sky. Faith gave birth to Sky  when she was married to a scammer businessman Nzuzo Njilo who is Sky’s biological father. Faith and Nzuzo separated after Nzuzo had proven to be a full time scammer who couldn’t hesitate to scam even his wife Faith. So, despite Faith’s desire to raise Sky with her father around, she couldn’t compromise her financial security for a marriage, so she ended up filling for divorce. [1]

Number 2, Babes Wodumo named her son Sponge

10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names
Image of babes Wodumo and  son

Most of us knows Babes Wodumo as the queen of Gqom music and that she was married to the late house musician Mamphintsa. The couple was blessed with a son whom they named Sponge Wodumo because Babes Wodumo’s mother in Law accused Babes during her pregnancy with Sponge, that she was not pregnant but had put a sponge on to fake her pregnancy. So, as a reminder of such false accusations, Babes and Mampintsa decided to name their child Sponge. On his birthday they themed it with SpongeBob anime theme and they made a cake which looks like SpongeBob.

Number 3, Kwesta named his daughter Kenya

10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names
Image of Kwesta and Daughter

Kwesta the rapper and musician named his daughter Kenya after the country of Kenya and his other daughter’s name is Khai. We couldn’t leave him on this list because it’s fun and hilarious to name your child after a country. But also when you look at it positively you will know that Kenya is actually a good name when considering what it means. Kenya means mountain of whiteness so I guess this is where Kwesta drew the strength to name his daughter Kenya.

Number 4, Emtee named his daughter Nairobi

I don’t know either Emtee and Kwesta had conversation and agreement to name their children after Kenya and its city or what, but it’s really amusing because Emtee named his daughter after Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. Again When you consider its meaning you will notice that Kwesta and Emtee didn’t make a mistake. Nairobi means cool waters after the cool river Nairobi River. What remains to understand is what inspired Kwesta and Emtee to choose such weird names to give to their daughters.

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Number 5 is Nonhle Thema, named her daughter Star

10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names
Image of Nonhle and daughter

Back in 2012 Nonhle Thema gave birth to her first child; guess the name she gave her! You are right, she named her Star, full name, Star Phoenix Ivy Zime. Nonhle gave birth to this daughter with Redi Tlhabi and the two were excited to be parents. Publishers believe that Nonhle named her child Star because by that time Nonhle was A-list celebrity and star in South Africa. The name is completely weird for a child born to black South African parents, mostly because it’s in English. [2]

Number 6, Yolanda Visser, named son Tokkie

Member of the Die Antwoord music band Yolanda Visser adopted a son and whose name is Tokkie. We don’t know she and her husband named this son or they adopted him with this name but this name has no good meaning at all. The name Tokkie means lower-class people who often are seen as likely to engage in anti-social behaviour but in Australia it has better meaning of rabbit. If he was named with the meaning of rabbit behind then his name is funny but if after the dutch meaning then it’s not good.

Number 7, Mampho Brescia named son Rainn

Mampho Brescia, an actress known for Isibaya, Generations, Jacob’s Cross and Zaziwa adopted a child by the name of Rainn. Again we know not either she gave her that name or she adopted her already with the name. The name Rainn is common in United States or English speaking people but we wouldn’t expect a black child from South Africa to have that name. It’s such a beautiful name (despite sounding weird or fun)with a beautiful meaning of literal rain or just blessings from Heaven.

Number 8, Riky Ricky named his daughter Jordan

10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names
Image of Ricky Rick and family

The late rapper and hip hop artist Riky Ricky named his daughter Jordan. Although this name us unisex, meaning it’s for both girls and girls, it is a weird name to give to a girl because very few girls have this name. In other countries like the USA, they give girls a more feminine version of this name like Jordana and Jordyn, preserving Jordan for boys. Either way it’s a beautiful name as well with Hebrew or biblical origin which means flow down.

Number 9, Cassper Nyovest, named his son Simba

Okay, another weird name to South Africans is Simba which Cassper Nyovest the hip hop rapper gave to his son. It’s swahilii name which means lion but in Zulu it means something else while it means power or energy in Shona. So, we don’t know which Simba was Cassper referring to for his son but it’s possible the one with a great meaning, either the shona ond of power or Swahili one of Lion. [3]

Number 10, AKA, named his daughter Kairo

10 Mzansi Celebs with Children with Very Funny Names
Image of AKA and Kairo

So, we almost forgot to mention the late rapper AKA and his daughter he named Kairo. Yeah, at first I thought Kairo of AKA’s daughter was far from Egypt Cairo because it doesn’t start with C, but after research I found out AKA named his daughter after the capital city of Egypt. This is weird as well, it’s unusual to find a child named after city like my daughter  New York or my son Johannesburg. This makes Kairo a weird and funny name for a child born in South Africa, but looking at its meaning, it’s actually a beautiful name. The name Kairo means Victorious one which is a wonderful name indeed.