Who exactly is Deli Malinga, age, education, Career, Personal life, Social media, Filmography and Networth

According to her Instagram profile, Deli Malinga, a South African actress and TV personality, was born on October 13, 1965 (age-58 years old) . In addition, she has worked as a motivational speaker, voice actor, screenplay supervisor, language advisor, and dialogue coach.

Biography profile of Deli Malinga

Deli Malinga Biography
Image of Deli

Full name  : Deli Malinga

Gender  : Female

Age : 58 years old

Date of birth  : 13 October 1965

Place of birth  : Umlazi, Kwazulu Natal province,  South Africa

Nationality  : South African

Occupation  : Actress,  Tv personality, voice actor,

Height  : 1.7m

Instagram  : @dellymalinga9

Twitter  : @malinga_deli

Networth  : $200 000

Early life

Deli Malinga grew up in Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal, where she was born on the 13 of October 1965, she is 68 years old. She attended Phambili High School in Durban after completing her education at Ekwazini High School in Umlazi. [1]

Education of Deli Malinga

It is unknown where Deli started her primary school education but she attended Phambili high school in Durban. She finished her education at Ekwazini High School in Umlazi. It is unknown if she was able to continue to Varsity and complete a degree.

Career of Deli Malinga

Malinga started an extraordinary career over 32 years ago when he ventured into the entertainment world. Her first appearance on television was in the SABC1 soap opera Generations, when she played Sarah Ngcobo, Mike Mvelase’s wife of Khaphela.

Her noteworthy roles include those of Ntombizodwa, Suffocate’s traditional aunt, on e.tv’s Rhythm City, where she promoted polygamy as a solution to his problems. Her TV credits are varied and include roles on dramas like Mponeng, Jozi Streets, Home Affairs, Mfolozi Street, Jacob’s Cross, Saints and Sinners, and more on networks including SABC, M-Net, and Mzansi Magic.

With parts in Rhythm City, Broken Vows, eKasi: Our Stories, Gaz’lam, Greed & Desire, Imbewu, iNkaba, Isibaya, Lingashoni, The Queen, and Umkhokha, among other films, Malinga’s résumé demonstrates her versatility. [2]

In addition to acting, Deli Malinga In addition, she works as a dialogue coach, script supervisor, motivational speaker, voice actor, and language counsellor

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Personal life  of Deli Malinga

Deli Malinga Biography
Image of Actress Deli Malinga

Although it is just assumed that Deli Malinga is married, the majority of her admirers have been curious about her spouse. Furthermore, nothing is known regarding Deli Malinga’s offspring. Nonetheless, the majority of her admirers have been curious about Deli Malinga’s spouse; it is only assumed that she is wed. Furthermore, nothing is known regarding Deli Malinga’s offspring. On her Instagram feed, the actress does, however, often share pictures of her grandchild.


She took home the SAFTA for best supporting actress in a telenovela in October 2023, thanks to her performance in Redemption.She took up a second prize at the Sebenza Women Awards that same month. [3]

Networth of Deli Malinga

Leading sources estimate Deli Malinga’s net worth to be between US$500,000 and US$1 million. Others says the seasoned actor is well-known for the contributions she has made to the business thus far. The estimated value of Deli Malinga is R3 million.

Social media

She is on social media and has 665  posts with 65.3K he is following 4908. She is as well on Facebook  with  7.9K followers and have 4861 friends. She posts  her beautiful pictures on these platforms, she posts her family   friends and colleagues. She posts work and events as well as personal videos. She is as well on  Twitter but it is unknown how many followers she has.


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