Who is Skomota Ngwana Sesi? Car collection, Wife, children and House

Everyone is quite familiar with Skomota and his famous dance moves but does he own a car or house? People enjoys watching him dance and talk on interviews but with his recent claims of wearing expensive clothes everyone wonders if Skomota has got a car or a house for himself. Is he married? Does he have children or not? In this video we will talk about Skomota car collection, House, Family and children.

Biography Profile

Skomota biography
Skomota biography

Real name: Thabang Thobejane
Nick names: Skomota (Ngwana Sesi)
Date of birth: 21 October 1995
Occupation: Dancer, DJ, MC
How old is Skomota: 28 years old
Place of birth: Mafefe, Limpopo province

Lets first know who is Skomota

Skomota whose real name is Thabang Thobejane. He was born on 21st October 1995 in Limpopo, South Africa. He grew up in Limpopo where he lived below the poverty datum line until he won R3 million rands on sports betting. He also attended school in Limpopo and left school in form 4.

Career of Skomota

Skomota was discovered by Moruti wa dikota at one event in Limpopo who taught him everything about good sense of fashion and marketing himself. He now wears expensive clothes but the prices of his clothes are ridiculously high and unbelievable. He also claims to spent a lot of money on women, about R15 000 to R30 000 in one day on a woman. Skomota is dancer, Mc, Dj and influencer which is helping him to maintain his expensive life style.

He gets money from his bookings as a Dancer during different events and music videos with chepi chepi, Moruti wa dikota and other famous artists. He charges R15 thousand to R30 thousand for dancing in one night! It’s also believed that he won R3 million rands from Sports betting which has added to his networth.

Skomota Networth, cars and house

So, we can estimate his networth at R3 million rands which we doubt is increasing since he spent most of his money in partying. We have seen him in one of the cars on tiktok but there is no record that he owns it nor is there any record that he owns any car or house.

Let’s look at his Family and love life

He claims that girls love him and come to him by themselves, he doesn’t go to them. He also have a girlfriend he met at Top Noch. He has a wife and twin children, a boy and a girl. His little children are still in preschool.

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