10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 

Drama serials and telenovelas are meant to emulate how real life unfolds daily. Unfortunately dramas are dramas and they will always have those glitches that proves they are fiction which anger fans. Some of those loop holes include the replacement of characters on the dramas which doesn’t settle well in fans. Will look at 10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline.

Number 1: Fundiswa Zwane who played Kamadonsela in Imbewu who was replaced by Brenda Mhlongo

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Fundiswa and Brenda

Kamadonsela in Imbewu the Seed on etv used to be fans’ favourite character before it was played by Fundiswa Zwane. She professionally and wholeheartedly played that character that fans got amazed by her talent. Unfortunately after asking for a salary raise, Fundiswa Zwane was fired and was replaced by Brenda Mhlongo. Fans were not happy to see this replacement since the new Kamadonsela was too soft compared to the previous one. This ruined the soapie drama storyline and most fans probably abandoned watching the drama. It was too much for fans because this was just after Zimele Bhengu, previous played by Mpumelelo Bhulose, got replaced and was played by Tony Kgoroge. [1]

Number 2: Hlomla Dandala who played Zweli Dikana in The River was replaced by Siyabonga Thwala

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Hlomla and Siyabonga

Another seasoned actor who was replaced with low level actor was Hlomla Dandala, who got replaced by Siyabonga Thwala in The River. Dandala portrayed the role of Zweli Dikana who was Lindiwe Dikana’s husband. The veteran actor Dandala left the show because he was not happy and decided to pursue other ventures but left fans saddened. His character on The River, was not directly replaced but the new replacement came as Bangizwe Zwane, Lindiwe’s love interest. It’s obvious that the Zweli Dikana storyline was halted after Dandala’s departure and Siyabonga Thwala couldn’t fill his shoes either.

Number 3: Bonko Khoza who played Mqhele on The Wife, he got replaced by Wiseman Mncube

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Bonko and Wiseman

When season 3 of The Wife began, fans of the show were surprised to see Wiseman Mncube as their new face of Mqhele. However Bonko Khoza endorsed the new actor on his character claiming that he couldn’t carry on with the character, it wasn’t designed for him. “It (the character) can be played by whoever they see fit. As for me I did my fair share. and now It’s time to give other actors a chance on the same big platform that I got given a c⁶hance.” Said Khoza on Twitter/X.

Fans were displeased by this replacement and some threatened to stop watching the show. One fan said “I stopped watching the Wife mina ngoba my favourite was you” and another said ” Mqhele I used to hate u when u were beating u Hlomu bcs it felt like it was real, u killed that part, with Wiseman u can see that he is acting but with u it was something else it was real , your facial expression when u are Angry, happy, sad , wish u good luck Makeba”

Number 4: Harriet Manamela who played Meiki Maputla on Skeem Saam is replaced by Florence Masebe

Another disappointing recent replacement is that of Harriet Manamela who was temporarily replaced by Florence Masebe on the Meiki Maputla Skeem Saam character. According to reports, Manamela asked for a sick leave and the creators of Skeem Saam saw it fit to replace her with Masebe. Fans of the show has expressed mixed reactions, some are happy for Florence while some say Harriet is irreplaceable.

One fan said “Switching characters makes people lose interest, couldn’t they have booked her on overseas vacation.” Another one said “That was not a well thought, you don’t temporarily replace an actor unless you are permanently replacing.” We do not know how the storyline of Meiki will be affected since its recent replacement but with fans showing displeasure, the producers might need to suspend the story until Harriet returns.

Number 5: Lindiwe Chibi who played Doobsie in Muvhango was replaced by Khanyi Mbau

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Chibi and Mbau

The late Muvhango actress Lindiwe Chibi who played the role of Doobsie was replaced by one of the most controversial actress Khanyi Mbau after her death. When Khanyi replaced Lindiwe’s character of Doobsie, she was still in school. Doobsie was a business-minded woman who was determined to get everything she wanted. Considering the difference in character between Lindiwe and Khanyi Mbau, she was indeed a worst replacement. After series of filming, Khanyi was fired because she brought bad publicity to the cultural and traditional reserved soapie drama by always partying and being cheeky. [2]

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Number 6: Gabisile Tshabalala who played Gontse on Scandal got replaced by Khanyisile Zwane

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Gabisile and Khanyisile

Back in 2015 Gabisile Tshabalala left etv drama series Scandal to become a full time mom. This was not only the reason of her departure but she was possibly fired for dating a security guard who worked at their Scandal premises. She fell pregnant and the creators of the show had no choice but to fire her. After her departure, she was replaced by Khanyisile Zwane who admitted that playing a role previous played by someone else was difficult. She added that Gabisile set the standard high and she did her best.

The replacement of Gontse by Khanyisile Zwane didn’t bring justice to the character because the two actors portrayed different personalities of Gontse. The first Gontse by Gabisile was an extrovert or bubbly person while a Gontse by Khanyisile was an introvert. As a result, we hate to admit that Gontse’s replacement brought the worst and it never played for too long.

Number 7: Nkanyiso Mchunu who played Nkululeko Bhengu was replaced by Kay Sibiya

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Nkanyiso and Kay sibiya

Another fans’ favourite character on Imbewu the seed who was replaced by a boring character is Nkululeko Bhengu by Nkanyiso Mchunu. He was replaced by Kay Sibiya whose energy and talent couldn’t match that of Nkanyiso Mchunu. Nkanyiso decided to quit acting on Imbewu after unresolved salary raise dispute. When he left the show he was replaced by Kay Sibiya whom fans never like at all, this negatively affected Nkululeko Bhengu’s storyline and most viewers stopped watching the show. After his departure Nkanyiso Mchunu went on to join other television drama serials such as Uzalo.

Number 8: Cornet Mamabolo as T’bose got replaced by Hungani Ndlovu

Former Scandal actor Hungani Ndlovu replaced Cornet Mamabolo’s character of T’bose on Skeem Saam and most fans were happy. However as time goes, most fans noticed that there was a difference between the previous T’bose and the current one. Some of the fans criticized Hungani Ndlovu for not bringing out the Tbose they always knew but Hungani wasn’t surprised.

“Because I’ve been in the industry for a while, I’ve gained enough experience to know that people will always have something to say. So regardless of what people are saying, I do feel like I did my best,” he said to TimesLIVE. Hungani Ndlovu replacing Cornet was not the worst but there are certain changes in the portrayal of the character thus a bend in storyline.

Number 9: Musa Ngema as Mazwi Moroka on Generations the legacy was replaced by Rebaone Kgosimore

So another worst replacement that ruined everything on the storyline of the Moroka family in Generations the legacy was that of Musa Ngema. Musa played the role of Mazwi Moroka on Generations The legacy but was fired for being difficult to work with according to the producers. The actor was replaced by Rebaone Kgosimore as Paul Moroka. Rebaone did not directly replaced Musa character but he came into the show as his brother but with the aim to replace him.

After his debut, Kgosimore proved that he was Musa Ngema’s worst replacement and fans noticed it. In less than a year of replacing Musa, Kgosimore was also fired for bad acting or lack of talent. One fan said, “Generations:The Legacy’ must have really wanted to get rid of Musa Ngema fast… Also is Paul Moroka his replacement? I’m sorry but Mazwi’s shoes are too big for Paul to fill. ‘Generations’ must be serious please. [3]

Number 10: Omuhle Gela as Nomaswazi Magwaza in Uzalo got replaced by Fanele Ntuli

10 Soapie Actors Replacements that Ruined the Storyline 
Image of Ntuli and Gela

Former Uzalo actress Omuhle Gela who played the role of Nomaswazi Magwaza was replaced by Fanele Ntuli. Most fans knew Fanele Ntuli as a Durban Gen actress so she wasn’t a knew face on Uzalo. Just like other actors who knows the difficult of replacing other actors, Fanele was also aware. “Replacing someone on a TV show is not easy, especially someone who is talented like Omuhle. It’s really big shoes for me to fill,” said Fanele. So, the storyline of Nomaswazi was not ruined per se but there are usually slight changes to it in order to suit the actor.