10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 

Every celebrity wants to be recognized for their exceptional talent either by receiving an award or by receiving an honorary doctorate degrees. But hey, this is South Africa anything is possible, you can actually receive a fake award or PhD. We will look at 10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU.

Number 1: Sello Maake ka-Ncube

10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 
Image of Sello Maake

Recently Sello Maake ka-Ncube, an actor known for Scandal and Skeem Saam shot up social media trends when he announced he got a honorary PhD from Trinity International Bible University. Sadly, his celebrations for a honorary recognition was short lived because the minister of higher education Blade Nzimande said the PhD is fake since it was awarded by an unregistered institution. According to the minister, the university has no right or authority to offer any qualifications. Sello is not the only one who received this bogus qualification, there are lot of people who fell for this. [1]

Number 2: Elizabeth Serunye

10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 
Image of Elizabeth Serunye

Another Skeem Saam actor to receive a fake PhD from Trinity International Bible University is Elizabeth Serunye. Unbeknownst to her of the fakeness of her qualification, Serunye shared on Instagram that she was now a honorary doctor. “Graduation day. Honour me as DR Sikasu Serunye, ” she wrote. Unfortunately there is no honor for her but pity because she has been scammed into believing she is something she is not.

Number 3: Deborah Fraser

10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 
Image of late Deborah Fraser

Legendary musician Deborah Fraser who passed away in May 2022 at the age of 56, died believing she was a doctor of music but it was all fake recognition. She was awarded a doctorate of philosophy from the Trinity International Bible University in October 2021.

Number 4: Winnie Mashaba

10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 
Image of Winnie Mashaba

Another Gospel musician Winnie Mashaba had to put on her long red graduation gown only to receive a fake PhD in 2019. “It is indeed an honor to be among those selected by Trinity International Bible University to be honoured as a doctor of philosophy in sacred music,” she wrote in a now deleted Instagram post announcing her news. After fake doctorate news, a doctor in EGS from University of Cape Town comforted Winnie Mashaba in a post saying, “When you meet her, tell her to return this paper. Nonetheless, we’ll keep supporting and enjoying her music. Proper recognition and honour will come.

Number 5: Zwelinzima Vavi

10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 
Image of Zwelinzima Vavi

Well known unionist and secretary general of South African Federation Trade Union (SAFTU), Zwelinzima Vavi fell for the trap of the bogus university in 2018. He was awarded the bogus qualification and was happy like everyone else. Now that everyone is aware it’s fake, he is distancing himself from it that he didn’t ask for it nor did he bride for it. He claims he was approached by q certain Bishop who said he wanted him honored for his contribution to the struggle of social justice.

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“I did not ask to be honored or had to pay anything of bride to pay anything of bribe anyone to receive the honour. All I know is that my contribution to workers and liberation struggle is no fake.” [2]

Number 6: Kenny Makweng

Limpopo gospel singer Kenny Makweng, who passed away in January this year was also bestowed with an honorary doctorate from Trinity International Bible University in 2022. The ‘Ke Mosione’ singer posted a video of himself on his Instagram account walking to the stage to receive his honorary doctorate. So, the late singer died believing that he is Dr Kenny not knowing it was just circus.

Number 7: Peter Mabula

Another Limpopo gospel singer to fall for the circus kind of University is Peter Mabula. He received his fake recognition of honorary doctorate in 2022. Like everyone else he was glad and celebrated with his fans and family.

Number 8: Ngwana Ledwaba

It’s sad that most gospel musicians from Limpopo got this bogus qualification including Ngwana Ledwaba. She also received an honorary doctorate from the bogus university in 2022. Like everyone else, Ledwaba was excited and shared her graduation pictures on her Facebook page to Cele with fans  In the pictures Ledwaba was with the her fellow Limpopo gospel musician Kenny Makweng celebrating their achievements. She captioned her post: “Dr Ngwana Ledwaba officially”. Sadly nothing is official if the government doesn’t recognize it.

Number 9: Shawn Mkhize

10 Mzansi Celebs Who were given Fake honorary PhDs from TIBU. 
Image of Shawn Mkhize

In 2021, MaMkhize was also awarded am honorary doctorate in philosophy, not by TIBI but by a Christian institution, The Good Shepherd of Religion, Culture, and Training. The KZN college claimed they were inspired by MaMkhize’s good deeds. After that award reality television star and businesswoman MaMkhize announced to the world how excited she was to be honoured with a PhD. However she her joy of celebration was short-lived when the department of higher education revealed that no such institution existed on its database. Surprisingly, MaMkhize still refers to herself as Dr on her Instagram bio. [3]

Number 10: Lucas Kgaphola

Lucas Kgaphola biography
Image of Lucas Kgaphola

Former SABC Sepedi television news anchor, Lucas Kgaphola was also among those who received a bogus honorary doctorate in 2022 from TIBU. He also shared pictures of his graduation on Facebook and said:

“Modimo Kea leboga, I am officially Dr Lucas Kgaphola. I was honoured by the Internationally recognized institution Trinity International Bible university. Same institution that honoured Dr Winnie Mashaba and Dr Deborah Fraser just to mention but few. To God be glory.”