10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 

Find the one is never easy and most people kiss many frogs before they meet their prince or princess. Some comes to point of tying the knot think they met the one but a temptation to upgrade your partner is not overcome by many of us.we will look at 10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or Rich Lovers.

Number 1; Motlatsi Mafatse and Gabisile Tshabalala

10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 
Image of Motlatsi and Gabisile

Actor and actress Motlatsi Mafatse and Gabisile Tshabalala left their respective Partners who were not famous for each other. Motlatsi was married to fashion designer Millicent, known as Mimi Spunk and Gabisile married Sacha Maswa )Kongolo in 2015. Initially the couple denied to have estranged their respective partners to date each other but later agreed that they divorced their partners and have found each other in a YouTube video on their joined YouTube I’m

They continue to deny the allegations of divorcing their respective partners for each other, but pointed out that their marriages were not working that is why they divorced their partners. The two have known each other for too long and probably worked together in the past or even dated, but when it was time to choose a life partner they went separate ways only to reunite after 15 years. [1]

Number 2; DJ Fresh and Mapaseka Koetle

10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 
Image of and DJ Fresh

Other shocking divorces that were accompanied by a fresh relationship allegation was that of DJ Fresh and his wife Thabiso, and Mapaseka Koetle and Nelson Nyokong. The famous DJ and actress were allegedly dating just after both had left their respective life partners according to Zimoja. While the two stars have never confirmed the speculation, social media users were convinced after spotting them cosyi [[ng up together in public and attending events together.

The reason behind DJ Fresh breaking up with his wife Thabiso are not known but he claims that he genuinely belived he wanted to be with her until forever. As for Mapaseka, sources claim that she lost interest but carried on for few years with Nelson until she couldn’t do it anymore.

Number 3; DJ Black Coffee and Victoria Gonzalez

Another DJ who got involved in a divorce is DJ Black Coffee who separated with ex wife Enhle Mbali. It’s possible that the DJ didn’t know what would aspire in his marriage but he possibly believed he had found the one in Mbali until he started traveling the world even more. The DJ and actress Enhle Mbali married in 2011 and were blessed with two children. But in 2014, the DJ was slammed with cheating allegations, that he had cheated on his wife with a Free State model.

He agreed to these claiming he was still young and was overwhelmed with fame. After series of cheating scandals, the DJ and Mbali decided to go separate ways and now he is believed to be dating Victoria Gonzalez, another model from Venezuela. They were spotted on different occasions together and have their photos together all over the internet. While the romance is still new to some internet users, the couple was actually first publicly spotted together at a store at Sandton City Mall.

Number 4; Lebo M and Zoe Mthiyane

10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 
Image of Zoe and Lebo

A South African composer and producer Lebo M was involved in so many relationships and marriages which were never a success. Without tracing all his flopped relationships, we just want to focus at point in his life where he decided to go for a famous person after divorcing with his wife of ordinary social status. In 2007, Lebo M divorced his second wife Nandi Ndlovu and in 2008 he got married to Angela Ngani Casara for five years before they go their separate ways. After that Lebo M decided to find a wife in his league of famous people, so he got engaged to Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane. But their relationship never went far, the engagement was called off before the two tyied the knot.

Number 5; Lebo Phasha and T.K Nciza

Lebo Phasha who is not a mainstream celebrity but is known of previously dating a soccer player and is now dating T.K Nciza. We don’t know the most recent person she dated before igniting love with the politician and music producer T.K Nciza. She upgraded her love life for someone who is well known and she is not letting go. [2]

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Number 6; Andile Mpisana and Tamia Mpisana

10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 
Image of Andile and Tamia

Royal AM chairperson Andile Mpisana who dated and fathered a child with Sithelo Shozi gor engaged to Tamia Mpisane, a South African influencer and model. Even though Sithelo was famous just Tamia, she was older than Andile so they eventually broke up and Andile decided to go for someone his age. He didn’t just chose someone his age but famous as well. There is no enough information on who Tamia dated before engaging to Andile but its obvious she has got her exes we are left to solve and getting married to Andile was an upgrade for someone significant and famous.

Number 7; Proverb and Liesl Laurie

Rapper and businessman Proverb was once married to Onalerona Moreo for 10 years and their union was blessed with two children. Their decade of marriage ended after Onalerona cheated on the famous rapper with the businessman Edwin Sodi. After their divorce, Proverb saw no difference between ordinary person and famous person  as a partner, so he started dating a famous model Liesl Laurie. Their relationship which inspired the most ended after three years in 2018. Despite that and the fact that Laure is now married to Dr Musa Mthombeni, most Proverb fans missed to see the two as an item.

Number 8; Bouwer Bosch and Lucinda Neethling

In September 2022, reports flooded the internet that power couples exchanged partners referring to Bouwer Bosch who divorced and ended up dating Lucinda Neethling who had also divorced with her husband. Why did people assumed there was an exchange? Well, Afrikaans musician Bouwer Bosch divorced his wife Liandie du Randt who ended up dating Lucinda Neethling’s ex husband filmmaker Stephan Neethling. Despite what their views of the situation is or they did it on purpose or not, the two couples literally exchanged partners. This was an astonishing situation of couples divorcing their respective partners to be together and indeed we were left wondering.

Number 9, Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee

10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 
Image of DJ Black offer and Mbali

Did you know that when Enhle Mbali began to date Black Coffee, she was in a relationship with AKA. Yes, AKA was already a big name in Mzansi but he was obviously not on international level compared to DJ Black Coffee. So, practically, actress Enhle Mbali upgraded by choosing the most famous partner Black Coffee and left AKA. According to some sources, this is the reason why there was no good blood between Black Coffee and the late rapper AKA. [3]

Number 10; Minnie Dlamini and Yanga Chief

10 Mzansi Celebrities Who Left their Partners for Famous or rich Lovers 
Image of Minnie Dlamini and Yanga Chief

The last one on our list is the model and actress Minnie Dlamini who could not last for a decade with the former American footballer Quinton Jones. She filled for divorce after she was allegedly cheated on Quinton. Guess she cheated with who? She cheated with businessman Edwin Sodi whom Proverb’s wife cheated with as well. So, after their divorce Minnie did not go for an ordinary boyfriend or partner but she began to date Yanga Chief, a rapper and musician. She is denying those claims but she was spotted with him and according to sources, she is denying the obvious.

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