Tumi Morake biography, education, Acting Career, Comedy and Personal life

Tumi Morake (born 22 December 1981) is a South African starring comedian, actress, writer, and producer with no boundaries. She is best known for her roles in iconic films like Skin, Kota Life Crisis, and Soul Buddyz.

Biography Profile of Tumi Morake

Tumi Morake biography
Image of Tumi

Full name  : Tumi Morake

Gender : Female

Age : 43 years old

Date of birth : 22 December 1981

Place of birth : Free state province, South Africa

Nationality : South African

Occupation : Actress, Comedian, TV personality and Writer

Instagram  : @tumi_morake

Facebook : Tumi Morake

Twitter  : @tumi_morake

Early life

Tumi Morake was born on December 22, 1981. She will be 43 years old in 2024. She was born in the Free State Province of South Africa. Morake grew up in Free State, South Africa, before moving to Gauteng in 2000 to pursue her studies. Despite her struggles with a rape at a young age, Tumi went on to exceed her potential, earning her national recognition. This celebrity comes from an activist family and is particularly interested in issues confronting black South Africans. Her first days at Mahikeng were difficult due to frequent police raids on their home. Thumi’s father fled after several of these attacks, leaving them even more vulnerable. Her father was charged with treason and later sentenced to prison. Her mother was arrested months later and served a six-month sentence in prison. Tumi recalls visiting her incarcerated father as one of the most frustrating experiences she has ever had. Because of this, her father abandoned the family and fled. Following that, the comedian traveled to her grandparents’ home in Free State. [1]

Education of Tumi Morake

Tumi’s primary school location is unknown. She did not update the addresses and names of her primary and secondary schools. Nothing is known about her matriculation, but other sources say she attended the University of Wits Watersrand. She majored in drama during her studies.

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Private life

Tumi married her fiancé, Mpho Osei, a well-known writer, director, and actor, on November 28, 2009. She describes her struggles, hiccups, delights, and joys during the marriage. She jokingly admits that having all of her favorite people in attendance was the best thing that happened to her during her marriage. Here are some pictures of Tumi Morake with her husband. The couple has two gorgeous children, Lesedi and Bonsu. Mrs. Osei is currently living in Johannesburg, Gauteng, with her large family. Here are photographs of the Tumi Morake family. [2]

Career of Tumi Morake

Tumi Morake biography
Image of Tumi Morake

Her acting talent blossomed while working at the Arepp Theatre. She later expanded her comic career opportunities in 2005 by joining Parker Leisure Management, where she performed hilarious stand-up gigs on a regular basis in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Aside from acting and comedy, Tumi is a well-known television personality from the SABC3 show Kenny Makenzo and For Sale, which premiered in 2007. Her talent earned her “VUKA!” Awards in 2006 for her short film “Getting It On.” She was named Free State Icon in 2011 and Entertainer of the Year in 2012 by Speakers of Note Awards. Tumi Morake received nominations for her production work in a variety of categories at the South African Film and Television Awards, which she hosted in 2013 and 2014. From 2013 to 2016, she was nominated for Comic of the Year at the Comics Choice Awards.

Losing Weight.

This well-known South African television personality serves as a role model for many people who struggle with excess weight. Tumi was able to lose weight by following a healthy diet and working with a personal trainer. She is now in better shape and more confident. [3]

Tumi Morake’s social media profiles

Tumi is active on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She has 2739 Instagram posts, 616K followers, and is followed by 1974 people. She shares photos of her life, her friends, and her family. He has 525,000 followers on Facebook and follows 164 people. It is not well-known on Twitter or other social media platforms.