11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023

The latest divorce statistics shows that here were 18,208 divorces granted, with an increasing trend observed for black Africans and a declining trend for white population groups. First-time marriages accounted for the majority of divorces, with more wives than husbands initiating the divorce process. These statistics counts also for celebrities who divorced in recent years. In this article we will look at 11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023.

No1. Faith Nketsi & Nzuzo Njilo

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Faith and Njilo

The couple which tied a knot in April 2022 joined the statistics of large number of divorces in South Africa when they announced that they are getting a divorce in November 2023. It’s unclear what led to the breakdown in their marriage. However, viewers of her reality show (Have Faith) witnessed her move from her marital home back in with her mother in episode 1, and she consulted her lawyer about divorce and custody of their daughter Sky.

When the two were still married, her estranged husband operated a dodge business, which led to articles linking Faith Nketsi to the husband’s dodge dealings. Her husband was not only crooked to people outside their marriage only but Faith as well. Shortly after tying the knot, Njizo defrauded Faith of the proceeds of the sale of her vehicle. So, from speculations, it’s possible that Faith decided to divorce her husband because he was scammer who could not also hesitate to scam her even though they were married. [1]

No2. To A$$ Mo & Mome Mahlangu

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Tol ass mo And wife

In July 2023, News24 reported about the divorce of To A$$ Mo and his wife Mome. The former reality star revealed that he was separated from his wife and was filling for divorce on DJ Fresh’s Podcast What A Week. When asked the reason of their divorce, Mo said: “People grow; we grew apart. We went through so many different struggles in our relationship.” In her book Mome’s Depth of Black Love, Mome goes into further depth about some of these struggles—which she claims involve toxicity and witchcraft.

When the two were still together, they appeared on Mzansi Magic’s (DStv 161) Sunday Sexy Love in which Mo revealed that his biggest fear was to lose his wife. In the second season of the show Mo told Mome he loved her more than she loved him. The only question left to their followers is, how did the loving couple end up separating and accusing each other of witchcraft. The pair were married for than 10 years and it came as a shock that they were divorcing.

No3. Lebo M & Pretty Samuels

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Lebo M and Pretty Samuels

Another divorced which shocked the nation of Mzansi is that of Lebo M and Pretty Samuels. The composer, songwriter, and reality TV star Lebo M was previously married to Angela but divorced in 2013. In February 2022, he married Pretty Samuels after exchanging vows in front of a magistrate and witnesses. In March 2023, the couple celebrated their one year anniversary of their marriage.

Sadly, in August of this year, the couple confirmed that they were getting a divorce. The couple fell out earlier in the month when Morake said he was placed in a “position of great discomfort” over Samuels being in possession of his electronic signature and her allegedly failing to sign affidavits relating to death policies. Morake said he feared for his life and those of his children. Lebo also accused Pretty of using muthi on him, but she refused all those allegations claiming their are just a mediocre smear campaign.

No4. Ringo Madlingozi & Nomfundo Nyathi

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Madlingozi

The Sondela hitmaker Ringo Madlingozi broke internet news in September 2023 when it was reported that he had filed for divorce. According to Sunday World, News that Madlingozi and Nyathi are heading for divorce was revealed by the former lovebirds’ associates, who were shattered by his decision to divorce his wife. After their split, Nyathi went to live in Midrand, while Madlingozi lived in Buccleuh, north of Joburg. Despite their split, they continued to speak in a bid to resolve their problems but without success.

This is not the first time that the couple decided to go separate ways. In April 2008, Sunday World reported that Nyathi moved out of their love nest in a huff after complaining of the artist’s cavalier association with women.

No5. Nomuzi Mabena and Sbuda Roc

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Nomuzi and Sbuda

In August of 2023, Moozlie Nomuzi Mabena confirmed that she was officially single after separating from her long term boyfriend Sbuda Roc. The two separated after 8 years in a relationship. According to several sources, their break up came after Sbuda Roc allegedly cheated on Moozlie with one of the TxC DJs in June 2023. The couple broke up while they looked forward to celebrate their 9th anniversary in July of the same year. When asked during an interview why they broke up, she said: “Cause I’m bad like a Barbie. Life happens and that’s okay. I will always love my dude, we did amazing things. It was great.” [2]

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No6. Simiso Zwane & Princess Zulu

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image Simiso and Princess

In September 2023, few months after Simiso Zwane professionally known as Okmalum-Koolkat and Simisile Zulu called it quits few months after celebrating 8 years in marriage. As per TshisaLive, the couple met in 2016 during the music video filming of Amalobola then he paid for her lobola in 2020.

Unfortunately the couple had to divorce after three years in their marriage. Publications got heads up after Simisile Zulu shared the break up news on her Instagram stating: “Amafu’s dad and I are no longer together.” There is no clear reason why the couple separated but they left their followers with questions.

No7. Mapaseka Koetle and Nelson Nyokong

Another couple which shocked the nation because of their separation is Mapaseka Koetle and Nelson Nyokong. The two never officially announced that they are separated but close sources to the actress Mapaseka Koetle confirmed that the two were no longer together. In February 2023, Mapaseka confirmed to Zimoja that she had separated from Nelson Nyokong .

“I have been on separation for almost four years now,’ She refused to comment about whether or not she had moved on to dating someone else. Before confirming their separation, most of her followers knew that they are no long together when she removed her Nyokong surname and reverted to her maiden surname on social media platforms.

No8. Emtee & Nicole Chinsamy

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of emtee and ex wife

Mthembeni Ndevu professionally known as Emtee and Nicole Chinsamy filed for divorce in April 2023. The couple had been blessed with two children and couldn’t save their marriage for their sake. Emtee was abusive in the relationship and could beat Nicole while she was seven months pregnant. His wife reported him to the police but withdraw the charges for the sake of her children.

After filing for divorce Nicole then accused him of trying to bankrupt their joint estate after he allegedly transferred over R500 000 from their trust account, Sunday World reported. It appears Emtee was trying to avoid to share this money with his ex wife because they were married in community of property.

No9. Duduzane Zuma & Shanice Stork

The son of the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma whose name is Duduzane Zuma was reported to be heading for divorce in January 2023. This happened after his wife Shanice Stork moved out of their marital home in March 2022. The two have been estranged to each other since then according to Zimoja. Shanice alleged that the cause of their divorce is that Duduzane Zuma was now focused on his political ambitions forgetting that he is married.

“Things became worse before the November 2021 Local Government Elections. Duduzane cared about nothing but his political ambitions that he neglected his duties as a husband. There were always comrades in and out of their house; she could no longer take it…This annoyed her because she loves her space,” the source added. [3]

No10. Amanda Du Pont & Shawn Rodriguez

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Amanda and Rodriguez

Since their marriage in 2020, Amanda du Pont and Shawn Rodrigues have worked towards Mzansi’s ambitions as a couple. In 2018, Amanda and Shawn announced their engagement on social media. The pair secretly married in an opulent ceremony two years after becoming engaged. However in September 2022 blogger Musa Khawula accused Amanda of neglecting her white husband since she didn’t post him on her Instagram. She denied the claims from the blogger and told him to stop spreading false rumours about her private life. So in January 2023, it never came as a surprise when Amanda and her husband finalized their divorce.

No11. Zamani Mbatha & Snikiwe Mhlongo

11 Celebrities Who Divorced or Broke up in 2023
Image of Zamani and ex girlfriend

In March 2023 Zamani and Snikiwe Mhlongo called it quits after cheating allegations. Snikiwe posted on 1st of March on Twitter that Zamani was cheating on her and she caught him and the side chick in bed. Her Twitter which is now deleted read, “Damn, been dating a cheater this whole time,” Even though she was keeping the relationship private, she decided to post about Zamani cheating on her which was a surprise to many fans.

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