10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life

When we watch soapies on our TVs seeing actors playing couples, we wonder if they’ve their own partners or families. It’s obvious they do have their partners and children but we won’t know unless we dig deep. So as Safrolebs, we have done the digging, just seat down  relax and watch 10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life.

The first one is Natasha Sutherland and her two boys

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Natasha and her sons

The Scandal actress Natasha Sutherland known as Layla MacKenzie on the drama was blessed with two children in real life. On the drama Layla MacKenzie had one child Quinton Nyathi who passed away and left Gogo MacKenzie with a granddaughter. The granddaughter is none other than Jewel Nyathi portrayed by KaiAnn Munyaka. Coming back to her real life, Natasha was once married to her husband Steve Hofmeyr and they were blessed with two beautiful boys whom she loves so much and posts them a lot on her Instagram.

Their names are: Sebastian and Benjamin. Sebastián is 22 years old while Benjamin is 20 years old and they have grown taller than their mother as she ironically complained. In 2008, Natasha and her ex husband divorced following cheating allegations by Hofmeyr who had numerous affairs dominated by his time in the spotlight. [1]

The second one is Mapaseka Koetle with her husband and daughter

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Mapaseka and her daughter

On Scandal Mapaseka is known as Dintle Nyathi and has a daughter with the late Quinton Nyathi whose name is Jewel Nyathi. In real life Mapaseka was married to Nelson Nyokong an Art Director and graphic designer. The two were blessed with a daughter before they separated. Mapaseka she loves her daughter so much and post her on Instagram frequently. Her name is Nema and she is such a blessing to Mapaseka Koetle.

Nema doesn’t get bored when Mapaseka is busy with work at home because she will be playing with her cousin Refentse a niece to Koetle. The two little beings can also play with a disc jock player learning how to DJ and passing time. According to Mapaseka, being a mom has taught her to be selfless and patient even though it’s not easy.

Number 3 is Andile Sithole and his big family

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Andile and his family

Scandal actor Andile Sithole is blessed with a wife and three children and he is so grateful to God for such wonderful blessings. On the drama Andile plays the role of Malume Ndumiso alongside Michael Mabizela and Marjorie Langa. He owns Chilax where most people on Scandal drama series goes to eat their lunches. In real life, Andile enjoys spending time with his three children and wife.

The actor and his wife have been married for more than 8 years now and he considers his family his greatest treasure. His last born and third child was recently born and the actor was grateful to God and said God should let these kind of blessings to continue to come. This might mean the actor might want to have another child in few years to come.

The fourth on our list is Melusi Mbele with his daughter and wife

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Melusi and his wife

Melusi plays the role of Joseph Jojo Kubeka the first born son of the Kubeka family who was married to Mbali Kubeka, a liar, manipulator and possessive woman. Jojo is a hard working middle aged man and very strict in everything. He has a girlfriend Phakamile and has a child Nkazimulo with Mbali’s sister Winnie. In real life Jojo is married to his long term girlfriend wife Andiswa Mqungu. The couple met on what was a work trip for Andiswa, at a soccer match in Mpumalanga where she was modeling.

Fast forward todate, the couple is now blessed with a beautiful daughter who is probably 6 years or older. Melusi loves his wife and child so much that he can’t get enough of posting them on Instagram. We can say he is proud of his family and is not ashamed to post them on Instagram. [2]

Michael Mabizela with his family is on number 5

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Mabizela

Another actor whose family is inspirational is that of Michael Mabizela who plays Caiphus in Scandal etv. The actor is married to his wife and the two were blessed with two children whom he post on his Facebook. On one of the post he posted his daughter who was graduating from preschool. The little girl is now in primary school. The actor plays the role of a loving husband to Gloria Legae on Scandal. This loving husband role seems to mimic his love for his wife in real life.

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On number 6 is Jerry Mofokeng with his wife and children

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Jerry and wife

The veteran actor Jerry Mofokeng and his wife Claudine are such an inspiration to most couples because these two have been married for more than 40 years. They still love each other like they met yesterday. On Scandal, Jerry Mofokeng is known for playing the role of Neo Mokhethi, an ex-convict who enjoys spending time with his step grandson Tebello. Tebello is a step son of Neo’s son Lerumo Chabedi who is a police officer in the drama. In real life Jerry Mofokeng with his wife were blessed with at least five children we know of.

Their names are Tsakane, Palesa, Lerato, Mpho and their last born Mosa. His son, Lerato Mofokeng wa Makhetha is also an actor and a musician known for acting in SABC3 soapie Isidingo playing the role of Ntando Sibeko. Jerry and his son once co starred in a television series Isibopho where they played father and son. This was a dream come true for Lerato and feels that he made his father proud.

Number 7 is Fundiswa Ngcobo with her son

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Fundiswa and her son

The actress Fundiswa Ngcobo is known on Scandal as the baby mama to Jojo Kubeka whose son is Nkazimulo. They both love this child and take turns to stay with their son as a way of co-parenting. In real life, Fundiswa had a boyfriend we are not acquired of concerning his details but we know they were blessed with a son. The child recently graduated from preschool this means he is going to grade 1 next year. Fundiswa posts her son frequently on Instagram and fans will always enjoy a lovely relationship between Fundiswa and her son. [3]

On number 8 is Sihle Ndaba with her Boyfriend

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Sihle and boyfriend

Sihle Ndaba is a beautiful actress on Scandal who played the role of Duduzile Kubeka, a younger sister to Jojo Kubeka. The award-winning actress is in a relationship with a handsome man whose name is Matthew Stone. The couple looks good together and they post each other very often. They’re not yet married as far as we know and they do not have a child. But the two serves amazing couple goals and they are an inspiration to other young couples.

Number 9 is Matthews Rantsuma and her girlfriend

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Matthews Rantsoma and girlfriend

Actor Matthews Rantsuma is known on Scandal as Nhlamulo Maseko. He was married to Lindiwe Ngema who at least gave birth to their daughter before she passed away. After that Nhlamulo rejuvenated his love life with his baby mama Vuvu. In real life Matthews is a married to his wife Sarona J Nyapele but we don’t know when they tied a knot. They possibly have children together as Rantsuma has said in one of his Instagram posts congratulating her for graduating. ”

Oh, my love… Oh, my wife! what a milestone! What an achievement!!! At least now you can teach our children all their subjects at school and I will teach them how to mess up the house…” the Instagram post read.

Number 10 is Nqobile Khumalo with her Roman boyfriend

10 Scandal Actors With Their Partners and Children in Real Life
Image of Nunu and her boyfriend

Nqobile is known for playing Hlengiwe on Scandal, a journalist working for NFH. On the drama, Hlengiwe dated several man including the psycho Amo, Doctor Mugare and the late Quinton Nyathi. In real life Nqobile also known as Nunu Khumalo is in a long-term and serious relationship with her Roman boyfriend Federico Ancillai, an actor and a model who has acted in several movies.

The two lovers first met in October 2019 at the New Vision International Film Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where Nunu Khumalo took home the Best African Actress prize. Federico shared a photo of himself congratulating Ngobile on her honour and said how nice it was to meet her. They uploaded a photo of themselves together a month later, thus that was the start of their love tale. There is no evidence of an sort that the two have children together but maybe one day they will decide to start a family. [4]