10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents

The most amazing thing is to have the grace to work with your parents on the same project. This grace has been experienced by few including the following actors. So we are going to explore 10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents.

No1. Somizi Mhlongo and Mary Twala

10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents
Image of Somizi and Mary Twala

South African actor Somizi Mhlongo worked with his mother Mary Twala in a musical film Sarafina. The 1992 Sarafina film starred some of the then upcoming stars such as Leleti Khumalo, Whoopi Goldberg, Miriam Makeba, John Kani and many others. He started performing at the age of 13 in Sarafina the musical drama before it was made a film. He then acted with his mother Mary Twala who portrayed Sarafina’s mother and he was one of the students. His father and the husband of his mother Ndaba Mhlongo was part of Sarafina as well. [1]

No2. Jesse Clegg and John Clegg

10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents
Image the Clegg

Famous South African Jesse Clegg shared the stage with his late father John Clegg on numerous occasions. They featured each other on songs and music videos including the hit song I’ve been Looking which was first published on YouTube in 2017. In 2019 he performed that song at his father’s memorial who had passed away that year.

“In 2017 my dad and I wrote a song together. It’s a song about the things in life that you can’t replace. To my dad that was his family,” Jesse said as he received a standing ovation from the crowd after his performance. Again in 2023 he performed a song named “Waiting on the Outcome” as a tribute to his father.

No3. Bra Banza and MO T Kgasoane

Another musical duo of father and so  which worked together is Bra Banza and his son MO T Kgasoane. The two are musician who plays trumpet and released songs and performed on the same stage together. One of the song they released together was Mango Groove featuring Banza and MO T Kgaosane.  We have seen some pictures in which the two performed together on stage.

No4. John and Atandwa Kani

10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents
Image of John Kani and Atandwa

It’s a sure thing thar most famous parents have children who looks up to them and end up co-working on big projects. That’s exactly how it is with John Kani and Atandwa Kani, they worked together in Black Panther and fans were amazed. Black Panther featured some of the iconic African actors including Connie Chiume from South Africa, Danai Gurira of Zimbabwe and Florence Kasumba from Uganda when we name a few.

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No5. Jerry Mofokeng and Lerato Makhetha

10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents
Image of Jerry and his son

I think by now most of you know about Jerry Mofokeng and his famous son Lerato Makhetha who have worked together in drama series. The two are both actors and played father and son in Mzansi Wethu drama series Isibopho. Fans were amazed by that, to see a real life father and son playing the same roles in a drama. Even daily sun had kind words in their title when reporting this matter when they said ” Life imitates art…”. The Drama has 1 season with 13 episodes, so when you have time you can watch it on different platforms. [2]

No6. Phila and Ringo Madlingozi

Sondela sthandwa hit maker Ringo Madlingozi has a son Phila Madlingozi who is into music and acting. Phila’s music is different from his father’s music because he does do Afro-pop but hip hop. He has worked with his father on stage performing songs together.

No7. Seputla and Thapelo Sebogodi

Another father son duo which has worked together is that of Seputla Sebogodi and his son Thapelo. The two are both actors who have appeared in different dramas and their own names. But it wasn’t robbery to see them on the same stage as well because they certainly did performed on the same stage in theatre Productions. One of the dramas they performed together both being lead actors is Flak my Son theatre series which premiered on 20 October and ran until 28 October 2019.

No8. Mpho and Arthur Molepo

10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents
Image of the Molapos

Actor Mpho Molepo grew up watching his father Arthur in theatres and the first time he watched him, he was just 3 years old. As he grew up, Mpho started working with his father and his first job was to play a guitar for a tv doccie while in school. After that Mpho grew up to become an actor just like his father and they have worked together on so many productions including a play titled Mama which they produced and directed. The concurrently appeared on etv soapie Rhythm City where Mpho played Fats and his father played crooked local government official Sydney Shabalala.

No9. Rethabile and Winnie Khumalo

Another famous family duo thar worked together is Winnie and Rethabile Khumalo who are mother and daughter. They performed a together on a song “Womandala” during Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards featuring other artists like DJ Zinhle and fans could see that the mother daughter collab was amazing. They also performed together a song called Yile Gqom by DJ Cleo which featured Winnie on vocals. However fans were not happy when they discovered their small clip of their performance accusing Winnie of trying to outshine her daughter. [3]

No10. Somizi Mhlongo and Bahumi Mhlongo

10 Actors and Musicians Who Shared the Stage with their Parents
Image of Somizi and daughter

The last on our list is Somizi and his daughter Bahumi Madisakwane Mhlongo who is also an actor and influencer just like her father. The two have worked together on Somizi Mhlongo’s reality television show Living The Dream with Somizi. The reality show featured Palesa Madisakwane, Bahumi and Somizi as lead stars, and shows us the luxurious life of Somizi and his daily life with people around him. Apart from that show there is no evidence that Somizi ever worked with her daughter in an television show.


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