10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married


“Love is a beautiful thing” they say, but not everyone experienced the beautiful side if being married. Looking at the statistics of divorces, it’s obvious most people are experiencing the ugly side of being married which we doubt exist in love. This ugly side has made many people to promise themselves that they will never get married. Again celebrities are not an exception, so we will look at 10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married.

No1. Chichi Letswalo

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Chichi

Actress Chichi Letswalo was candid about her feelings concerning getting married and raising a family. According to a report by Newsday, Chichi doesn’t want to get married and have children. She was discouraged when all her friends who attempted to get married ended up getting a divorce and go through pain which she knows she can’t endure.

“I don’t want to get married personally‚ ever. I don’t believe you need to get married in order to be a professional‚ to have a family or to be happy. She doesn’t ’t want to get married and she doesn’t want children. It is a personal choice and a promise I have,” she said. [1]

No2. Dineo Ranaka

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Dineo

Actress, DJ and radio personality Dineo Ranaka discovered she will be happily single after getting a divorce. She was married to Klaas Pesha for a three months before getting a divorce alleging the Klaas was abusive. After that Dineo sort of realized she was happy outside marriage and she doesn’t need a husband to be fulfilled. In another news outlet, Dineo said she will forgive herself for choosing a terrible husband and ugly marriage. So, previous terrible marriage caused Dineo to hate on marriage and she is not willing to try again.

No3. Lorna Maseko

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Lorna Maseko

Media personality and former ballet dancer Lorna Maseko is one of those celebrities who noticed that marriage wasn’t for them. She was married to Gcina Lukhele since 2010, but after allegations of her cheating with  Expresso TV host Katlego Maboe they divorced in 2016. Lorna has no problem with getting a life partner but she just doesn’t want to sign any papers of marriage.

No4. Kenneth Nkosi

According to YouTube vlogger Zalebretea, actor Kenneth Nkosi is out of the game of marriage after getting a divorce. Though there is very little information of what was happening in his marriage, Kenneth said he had to file for divorce after trying other options to fix his marriage. During an interview with Monwabisi “Mo” and Phindile “Phindi” Grootboom, Kenneth argued that divorce is not quick and easy decision to make but it is the last option. He added that you must think for the children and families involved before making that decision.

No5. Charlize Theron

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Charlize

Hollywood actress Cgarlize Theron was quite frankly about her decision of never getting married in her life. Speaking to Howard Stern on his SirusXM show, Charlize said: ‘I’ve never wanted to get married. That’s never been something that’s important to me.’ The actress emphasized that she is complete with her adopted children and will not be lonely to a point of desiring a life partner. [2]

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No6. DJ Black Coffee

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Dj Black Coffee

Another well known South African but international celebrity who has opted for no marriage ever again is DJ Black Coffee. He was previously married to Enhle Mbali from 2011 until 2019 when they divorced after series of cheating scandal from the DJ. Their divorce was finalized in 2020 and the DJ in later years disclosed that he no longer want to get married. Even though he is in a new relationship he was candid about no more walking down the isle or atleast no more formal marriage.

No7. Jo- Anne Reineke

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Reineke

Television actress Jo-Anne Reyneke was married to Thami and their marriage was blessed with two children. Though it’s not clear either it was an official marriage type or just traditional one, the two eventually called it quits after several years being together. According to most vloggers, Jo-Anne is not looking for another a man to get married to. The actress who never said never to marriage will allow God to take control of either she will be married again or not but she is not expecting one.

No8. Sithelo Shozi

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Sithelo

Radio personality and DJ Sithole Shozi once asked her social followers to ask her anything and one of them asked her about getting married. “A long time ago you mentioned your uninterest in marriage, do you still feel the same way?” The fan asked. Sithelo maintained her stance of no desire for marriage but do desire a life partner with which she will make memories with.

No9. Nomzamo Mbatha

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of

Zamani Mbatha’s sister Nomzamo Mbatha is one of those actresses and celebrities who desire no marriage. Even though she was engaged after expressing her feelings about marriage, when the engagement was called off, Nomzamo became very sure that marriage wasn’t for her. She made the this clear on twitter after a fan asked her to marry him. “But, I don’t believe in marriage,” Nomzamo replied to the fan marriage request. [3]

No10. Sibulele Gcilitshana of 10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married

10 Mzansi Celebs Who Hates Getting Married
Image of Sibulele

Another actress who doesn’t really believe in marriage is Sibulele Gcilitshana. She claims that she is okay living with her two children and she thinks her two kids are fine growing up without two parents. “This may sound controversial, but I don’t believe every woman my age should get married. . I know some married people who live like single parents, therefore I don’t see the need to be forced to follow a culture which sometimes doesn’t fit in with today’s lifestyle.”

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