Who exactly is Tiny Machivenyika AKA Allanah Biography

Tiny Machivenyika is a popular Zimbabwean singer well-known as Allanah is most recognised for her adlibs on the smash song “Fadza Mutengi,” which she co-wrote with Poptain, a star of Zimdancehall. Her rendition of the iconic song “Mebo” by Obert Chari has also gained her popularity.

Biography profile of Tiny Machivenyika

Tiny Machivenyika Biography
Image of Tiny

Full name  : Tiny Machivenyika

Gender  : Female

Age : 28 years old

Date of birth : 2 August 1995

Place of birth  : Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe

Nationality  : South African

Early life

Tiny born 2 August 1995 She was raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, a town known for its dormitories. Fianah and Alaine, two of her favourite Jamaican musicians, are combined to form her stage name. There were three girls and one boy in the family when Allanah was born. Allanah was raised by her mother after the death of her father when she was a small child.

Regretfully, after seeing her through adulthood, her mother Lynn Mutero passed away as well. After a brief illness, Allanah’s mother passed away in a nearby hospital in November 2021. [1]


Before going to Moffat Primary School, Allanah attended Rutendo Preschool. Allanah completed her secondary education at Morgan High School after completing her elementary education. Because of her passion for music, Allanah chose not to retake her exams even though she passed four courses at the Ordinary Level.

Career of Tiny Machivenyika

2014 saw Allanah record her debut single, “Give Glory,” although it was not well-received. After signing with Raw Music in 2018, she began recording cover songs in order to prepare for her own compositions. Her big break occurred when she got to know well-known producer Lloyd Jiro, also referred to as Papa Lodza.

She continued to record hits including “Mude Mude,” “Mboko Last,” and a cover of “Mebo” by Obert Chari. Additionally, Allanah collaborated with musicians including Soul Jr., Everlast, Poptain, Solution, and Lesco. [2]

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Contributions of Tiny Machivenyika

Allanah gained notoriety for her adlibs on Poptain’s smash song “Fadza Mutengi.” She contributes backing vocals and adlibs to the song in addition to having a verse. Allanah explained the song’s origins by saying,

Poptain and I met at Cymplex Studios in Waterfalls while working on different projects, and we were hired to perform a song for someone. We then chose to perform that song after listening to the beat of “Fadza Mutengi.”

Personal life and first marriage

Tiny Machivenyika Biography
Image of Tiny with her husband

After a disastrous marriage to her first husband, Allanah nearly gave up on her ambition of being a musician.

Allanah disclosed in an interview that she got married in 2015. But abuse caused her to leave the relationship later on. Allanah said I had a difficult life after getting married in 2015, and my husband, who was pursuing a career as a music producer, did not want me to be a musician, so I was forced to stay at home.

People would call me names and I would hustle by every means, including buying and selling stuff, but I was still so poor that I had to wear rags. Eventually, I became violent to the point that I was detained for assaulting some of them. It essentially transformed me on a physical and emotional level, but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for God. I returned to the studio and created a song about it as part of my recovery process, and this is what attracted my manager’s notice and brought my music to prominence later on. [3]

Second marriage of Tiny Machivenyika

Allanah did not reveal the precise date of her second marriage, although she wed shortly after her mother passed away. Allanah chose to keep her private life secret, therefore she chose not to reveal her husband’s identity.

She has spoken highly of her second husband’s support. In a conversation, she stated, “I’ve been worried how I’m going to manage both my marriage and my career. However, I give thanks to God for my spouse as a blessing. He is really encouraging, has my back, and gives me the push I need to follow my career. “I genuinely value my spouse’s affection and assistance. I recently discovered that there is nothing on this planet more agonising than death.

Death is something we cannot avoid, no matter how deeply we may sorrow. “Really, I still don’t think my mum is dead. Trauma from death is inevitable,”


As the current worship leader of Labour of Love Church, Allanah is a devout Christian.

Social media

Tiny is on the following social media platforms. She’s on Instagram @allanahzw with 298 posts with 20,3 K and following 1392. She is not on facebook by her name we don’t know if she uses a different name.  You can check her music on spotify and YouTube  as well.  It is Unknown if she’s on Twitter or not  but we hope to  update you as soon as possible.


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