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Asaph Africa

Asaph whose real name is Takudzwa Tarukwana is a Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist well known for his hit song titled Mambo. Asaph is one of the Zimbabwean artists who are on the rise in a country with struggling economy.

Biography and Profile

Real name: Takudzwa Tarukwana

Born: 11 January 1992

Occupation: Hip Hop Artist

Stage name: Asaph

From: Zimbabwe, Bulawayo

Gender: Male


Takudzwa “Asaph” Tarukwana is a Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist born on 11 January 1992. He was born and raised in Bulawayo. His father was a pastor so Takudzwa grew up in church doing gospel hip hop. Asaph attended Bulawayo’s Hillside Primary School and he went on to attended private school at Petra High.  After that he studied information technology at Global Leadership Academy.


Asaph started his career for music because he wanted something to look cool about. He loved the visuals of it so he taped into it. The young Takudzwa drew his first aspiration for music when he first saw Snoop Dog and Pharrell performing at Coca-Cola’s Flavour Dome.

The rapper Asaph became recognized at national stage performances when he released his single called Mambo. The song “Mambo” terrorized radio charts and won awards. Since then Asaph has been called the King of Zim hip hop and has been under pressure to stay at his position.

Asaph’s music blends Shona, Ndebele and English lyrics which makes him to stand out and get a bigger audience. He bridges the gap between tribal lines and at the same time cementing his position in two of the country’s biggest cities (Bulawayo and Harare). Asaph is the brains behind the Burg Boiz movement, which is a collective of rappers.

Popular tracks:

  1. Mambo – shows his love for singer, Tamy Moyo, when he says: “Lately, these women don’t understand me… avoiding relations coz of how I feel about Tamy.”
  2. Vibe is Correct (People’s Rapper) – a jive song.
  3. Real One – here Asaph pleads with God about when will the struggle in Zimbabwe end.

Other tracks:

  • Ginimbi
  •  Rich
  •  Changamire

Contact details:

+263 77 400 0961

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