Big Zulu- Imali eningi has reached Two Million views in two weeks

Zulu has reached 2 Million views on YouTube

Big Zulu Youtube music videos rarely reached a million views but Imali eningi official music video has reached two million youtube views in just two weeks. In Imali eningi, Big Zulu is featuring Intaba Yase Dubai and Riky Rick.

The song has trended tremendously all-over South Africa. Even some celebrities went public to congratulate and praise Big Zulu on his hit song. This includes Cassper Nyovest and DJ Fresh. Of which DJ Sbu said other celebrities could not congratulate Big Zulu because they were Jealous.

But Big Zulu managed to see and thank those who are glad of his success, instead of focusing on those who are silent. The Imali eningi hit maker recently thanked South Africa for support. He went further to thank Duduzani Zuma (the son of former president Jacob Zuma) for creating the ‘Imali eningi’ challenge.

“Duduzani posted a video of himself walking with the song playing in the background. The video, which was posted on his Instagram stories, found its way to Twitter where it landed on the trends list and soon became the #DuduzaneZumaWalkChallenge and #DuduzaneZumaChallenge.Since the challenge went viral, Big Zulu’s song has climbed the local music charts and has even landed on the Twitter trend list a few times including Tuesday morning.” Reported Sowetan live.

For this reason, the rapper, Big Zulu went to social media to thank South Africa and Duduzani Zuma for supporting him.

“I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to SA. I want to say thank you for the love that you have shown my song, Imali Eningi. It has made us so happy to see the song rise. I also just want to particularly thank my brother Duduzane Zuma, Msholozi, for the challenge that he created using our song. I don’t have much to give, just words from my heart to say I’m truly grateful … Thank you so much,” he said.

The challenge saw many people who participated including big names like DJ Fresh, DJ Tira, Riky Rick and even US comedian Steve Harvey.

With all this support Big Zulu has managed to reach Two Million views on YouTube.

Imali Eneingi song


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