Darlene Candy who bullied Lufuno Mavhunga is regretting

Lufuno_Mavhunga was bullied and killed herself
Lufuno_Mavhunga bullied 

Darlene Candy who bullied Lufuno Mavhunga is regretting what she did to her peer Lufuno Mavhunga.

The young lady who goes by the name of Darlene Candy who happened to be the one slapped Lufuno Mavhunga is regretting her actions. Darlene was caught on a phone video last month, hitting and slapping Lufuno Mavhunga. According to sources she did this because of R5.00 bet.

Now her mother who has been quiete about this whole incident for past the weeks has broken her silence telling the media publisher, Newzroom Afrika that her daughter is filled with regrets about what she did to her peer. [1]

“I don’t think she is proud [of the incident]. I remember her saying, ‘I wish I didn’t beat this child’,” said the mother of Darlene Candy who has not been named for protecting her identity.

“Even if we take her for counselling, she must be able to counsel herself and say this is the situation and this is how far my guilt is in the situation. I know she is not a cold soul that takes [the situation] for granted or ignores it,” she added.

Lufuno’s mother also was hurt by the situation. She said that she was shocked and outraged to see her daughter being bullied in a video. She asked her daughter what was the cause of the incident and learnt that it was because of the R5.00 bet. Later on she lost her daughter to suicide.

Speaking to TimesLive on Monday afternoon, Lufuno’s brother Dakalo said that his family had not yet seen the television interview yet. And the family of the girl who assaulted her sister had not made any contact.

“We haven’t resisted meeting with them as long as things are done in a proper manner. We would like to hear from them but it has to be away from the eyes of the media,” said Dakalo.

Dakalo added that his father tells him that his mother cries a lot and struggles to sleep.

“It is more difficult for my mom who is on medication. It is harder now because everyone has left after the funeral and it is quiet. I am not at home either but my father tells me that she cries a lot and struggles to sleep,” Dakalo added.

Commenting on the news that Lufuno has found a bail, Dakalo said that he and his family didn’t expect it.

“We were not expecting it because a lot of people, even those who are not related to us are angry. If anything were to happen to her out here, our family would be the first suspects, so for her own safety, we expected her to be kept there until the case is concluded,” he said.

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