Scandal actors who are coming back

A number of etv Scandal actors is coming back and we suppose viewers should be excited. We love these actors and we know, when Scandal producers brings back their best there is more drama coming. A few of these actors are Tebello and Amogelang.

Number 1 Tebello, Scandal actor

Scandal actors who are coming back
Image of Litlhonolofatso Lithlakanyane aka Tebello


So, the first actor who is coming back on our screen on etv drama series Scandal is Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane who portrays Tebello. He temporarily left Scandal about a year ago when Nolo Seabi (playing Seipati) and Howza Mosese who played Lerumo Chabedi left the Show to push other endeavors. Since he was probably a lead support actor or close Co-actor to Nolo playing his mother and Howza playing his step dad, he had no choice but to exit the drama with them. [1]

Number 2 Jerry Mofokeng, Scandal actors

Scandal actors who are coming back
Image of Actor Jerry Mofokeng

So, its quite obvious that if Tebello is coming back quite a number his co-actors are coming back and one of them is Jerry Mofokeng. In a video he posted on 25 January, Jerry and Litlhonolofatso are seen practicing their grandfather and grandson relationship. We do not know how the producers will bring them back on the scene since it has been months without seeing or hearing about them.  But we know producers are good at plot twist and associate the current actors with the new ones and the returning ones.

But a sure thing Tebello might return on the screen with her mother Seipati and probably with Lerumo her step dad. This is quite obvious since Tebello is a minor, he can’t be living in a house alone with his old man and no parents. But if you think other wise tell us in the comment section. [2]

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Number 3 Kagiso Rathebe

Scandal actors who are coming back
Image of Kagiso Rathebe

So, Kagiso Rathebe who plays Amo on etv Scandal is coming back as well. He posted on the 24th of January, a picture that he shows he was at Sasani Studios. In the picture, Kagiso was holding a Scandal Script with a issue date of 18 January 2023, which means it’s not an old picture and to seal the deal he captioned the picture with “he coming back”.

Number 4 we have Speculations

Scandal actors who are coming back
Image of Jerome Galiao

Alright, on number four we just gonna give you a list of actors we are speculating to be coming back. The first two are Nolo Seabi and Howza Mosese because they are associated with Litlhonolofatso since they play as parents to him. The other two are Jerome Galiao who played Dr Nyasha Mugare a Zimbabwean doctor on Scandal and Nunu Khumalo who played Hlengiwe on set.

So, concerning Hlengiwe, we know we have been seeing her on set associating with Dintle and the Scandal NFH boardroom but she was not appearing frequently so, she might start to appear frequently now since Amo is coming back.