9 Mzansi celebrities who were arrested in 2023

Last year of 2023 was a complicated year, it had joyous moments and sad moments. Some of its low lights include the death of celebrities and the arrest of other celebrities. But some of these arrests were just the law serving it’s purpose because no one is above the law. So, in this video we will focus on 9 Mzansi celebrities who were arrested in 2023.

Number 1 – Zola Hashatsi

9 Mzansi celebrities who were arrested in 2023
Image of Zola Hashatsi

Actor, presenter and sangoma Zola Hashatsi was arrested in March last year of 2023 after impersonating a doctor at Chris Han Baragwanath Hospital. According to City Press, a nurse at the hospital witnessed the actor allegedly attending to patients. The actor was reportedly arrested and taken to court, but the case was later withdrawn. After that Zola went to Instagram to mock his arrest with sarcastic quotes alluding to his innocence. [1]

On Number 2 we have Emtee

9 Mzansi celebrities who were arrested in 2023
Image of Emtee

Another celebrity who got arrested last year is a South African rapper Emtee whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu. According to March 2023 reports by The South African website, Emtee was arrested after assaulting his wife Nicole Chinsamy on Valentine’s day. Though Emtee initially denied the allegations, he eventually turned himself in to the police and police department confirmed that he was arrest. Nevertheless, his wife Nicole dropped the charges claiming she was doing it for her children.

Number 3 – DJ Maphorisa

9 Mzansi celebrities who were arrested in 2023
Image of Maphorisa

On 08 May 2023 Timeslive reported that DJ Maphorisa had been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and actress Thuli Phongolo. According to the Police report, DJ Maphorisa whose real name is Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe hitted her with open hands and strangled her after she confronted him about an incident that happened the previous night where he was booked to perform. The DJ was later released on a bail of R4000 after Thuli filed a withdrawal statement agreeing the DJ be released.

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On number 4 we have Jub Jub

9 Mzansi celebrities who were arrested in 2023
Image of Jubjub

Another well known celebrity who got in trouble with police in 2023 is the rapper, presenter and musician Jub Jub. He was arrested in July 2023 following allegations that he had assaulted,0 attempted murder and forcing himself on Amanda du Pont when they were still dating! His alleged offences were committed during 2006 and 2009. At least R10 000 bail was required from him before he was released. [2]

Number 5 is Nota Baloyi

SA Celebrities who were arrested
Image of Nota

Another celebrity to be arrested in March 2023 in addition to Emtee and Zola is Nota Baloyi. It’s like March was a national celebrity arrest month of South Africa in 2023. Anyway, the reason why Nota was arrested in March last year is because he was ordered by court to stop tainting K.O the musician’s name by accusing him of AKA’s death. But he continued with his defamatory statements against K.O and court sentenced him to 60 months in Prison for contempt of court. So, this means Nota spent two months in prison last year for running his mouth against K.O without evidence at all.

On number 6 is Bongani Fassie

SA Celebrities who were arrested
Image of Bongani

In February 2023 Bongani Fassie and estranged wife Buhle Sangweni, laid double charges against each other of abuse. They were both arrested at the same time by Douglasdale police subsequently appeared in the Randburg Magistrates’ Court where they were released on free bail. According to Buhle, Bongani was abusive and he vandalized her home, destroyed furniture, tables, and ransacked valuables. We do not know why Bongani also laid charges against his wife but according to those close to them, the couple always fight each other but gets back together. “It’s as though they are addicted to pain. ” said the source.

Number 7 is Cyan Boujee

SA Celebrities who were arrested
Image of Cyan

Popular Influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee, was arrested in June 2023 after allegedly stealing iPhone 13. A case of theft was openned against her in Midrand. Popular blogger Man’s not Barry Roux said Cyan Boujee was arrested on her way from a performance at a well-known nightclub Cofi for allegedly stealing an iPhone 13. But her case was withdrawn at Midrand magistrate’s court and due to lack of sufficient evidence for a successful prosecution. [3]

On number 8 and 9 is Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha

SA Celebrities who were arrested
Image of Nandipha and Bester

In April 2023 Thabo Bester and his girlfriend Dr Nandipha were arrested in Tanzania and Fidelity security company confirmed their arrest. The duo were never a celebrities for the population of Mzansi but they became infamous after Bester escaped prison by faking his own death. His girlfriend Dr Nandipha was arrested together with him because she assisted him to escape prison and skip the country to Tanzania.

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