10 SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners

Abuse or Rape allegations are one of those that the South African government doesn’t take lightly. This is because the country has a high rate of abuse and rape crimes. But the most surprising thing is when the people we admire and looks up to, like celebrities are accused of the very crimes.  we look at South African Celebrities Who Allegedly Raped or Abused Their Partners.

Number 1 is Jub Jub

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Jub Jub

The South African rapper and Television host Jub Jub was cancelled on social media for abusing his partners. He was accused by both his ex-lovers Kelly Khumalo and Amanda Du-Pont for abusing them. Kelly accused Jub Jub for abusing her back then when they were in a relationship. While on the other hand Amanda Du-Pont accused Jub Jub of raping her. Jub Jub apologized to Kelly but rubbished the allegations from Amanda saying she is liar. [1]

Number 2 is Andile Mpisane

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Andile Mpisane

In July 2022 Andile Mpisane, a football player from South Africa was accused by his baby mother Sithelo Shozi of abuse. According to reports, DJ Sithelo Shozi accused Andile of denying him access to her children and threaten her with violence. Sithelo posted audios of their conversation on Instagram stories as evidence for the public. She doesn’t like to make her personal life public but she claimed Andile went too far and must be exposed. In one of her stories, she posted pictures of her swollen face as evidence that Andile was physically violent to her.

On number 3 we’ve TOL A$$ Mo

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Tol As Mo

South African comedian and television personality Mongezi Mahlangu who is professionally known as TOL A$$ Mo was accused of abuse and rape in 2020 by a model Lerato Moloi. She claimed that the comedian raped her in 2014 while they working together on the set of a TV production in Paarl, Western Cape. Tol A$$ Mo’s rape case was opened in 2020 and according to him, it ruined his career. He claims that these allegations are false and has ruined his life. If it wasn’t of his wife who supported him, Mo would’ve killed himself because he didn’t know other ways of proving his innocence. But at least Mo was cleared of the serious allegations of rape and sexual assault by model Lerato Moloi.

Number 4 is Somizi

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Somizi Mhlongo

Years ago, a guy accused Somizi of sexual assault, but Somizi insisted on his innocence and rejected the charge. His long-established reputation took a second hit as his estranged husband, Mohale Motaung, revealed the verbal and physical violence he endured during his marriage to the television star. Mohale provided pictures as proof of the abuse he experienced, but Somizi’s name was cleared and he was found not guilty. Somizi lost most of his source of income at one point after being canceled, but he is now back on his feet and riding the wave normally in 2023. [2]

Number 5 is Katlego Maboe

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Katlego Maboe

The television presenter Katlego was accused by his brother-in-law, Seth Muller, of physically abusing his sister Monique who is now estranged girlfriend of Katlego. He reportedly shared information in his Instagram Stories containing these accusations. The posts, which was later removed, claimed a case of domestic violence was opened against Katlego by Monique. It also alleges that the presenter had cheated on Monique while she was pregnant with their son. According his girlfriend, Katlego infected her with a STI that has negatively affected her fertility.

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On Number 6 We’ve Black Coffee

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Black Coffee Coffee

Enhle Mbali said that Black Coffee, a DJ and music producer, and also her ex-husband, had physically abused her. The actress described the cruelty she experienced during their brief marriage in 2021.

She added, “I am no longer afraid, and it is with this fresh sense of self that I wish to describe the many situations on which he has battered, berated, rendered me broken and unworthy. The actress said, “I have experienced gaslighting, emotional, verbal, physical, and financial abuse at his direction, both during the marriage and now as an estranged spouse. Black Coffee denied these allegations and allowed court to bring him justice instead of social media. Despite their messy divorce process, the two artists are finally getting along.

Number 7 is Sjava

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Sjava

In 2017 the musician, Sjava, was slammed with rape allegations by Lady Zamar. She claimed that the musician raped her while at a hotel in Thohoyondou, Limpopo after a concert. Sjava denied these allegations and maintained his innocence. After thorough investigations, Sjava was acquitted by courts for being innocent and the allegations leveled against him were withdrawn. NPA spokesperson Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi said: “The state declined to prosecute the case because it believed the facts or evidence do not support a successful prosecution.” [3]

Number 8 is Mampintsha

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of late singer Mampintsha

The late musician and husband to Babes Wodumo was accused by Babes of abuse during their relationship in 2018. The two splits after these allegations and Babes moved back to her parents’ home. The late artist denied these allegations according to reports. In May 2019 Mampintsa was arrested for the very same allegations and denying them while in police custody. There was no evidence by 2019 but in 2021 a video of Mampintsha slapping Babes resurfaced while the two were married and Babes Wodumo confirmed the abuse on radio interview.

Number 9 is AKA

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of late rapper AKA

Last but one on our list is AKA who died this year on 10 February from assassination. The star was once accused of abusing Anele Tembe after she jumped off a tall building in Cape Town. In an interview, AKA denied these allegations but at least admitted that he abused his late fience emotionally. “That is one of those moments where you lose your temper and you break things in the crib. I didn’t abuse Anele, I might have been emotionally abusive at times,” he said on a podcast in September 2022.

Number 10 is DJ Fresh and Euphonik

SA Celebs Allegedly Raped or Abused their Partners
Image of Dzj fresh

Due to a rape victim’s accusation against the two DJs, Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane and Euphonik a.k.a. Themba are cited together. They didn’t abuse a life partner but they both took advantage of a fan. The victim, a young woman, alleged that in 2011, when she was a first-year University of Pretoria student, she had gone to a party with a friend to which the friend had been invited by one of the artists. She allegedly became so drunk that she blacked out before going on to accuse the performers of raping her and three other young women. One of the DJs allegedly poisoned her drink. Due to insufficient evidence, the two artists were able to clear their reputations and were found not guilty.


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