5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine

5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine. Celebrities who are in queer sexuality can look convincing to be a certain gender they are not or they desire to be. In recent videos we did a video on gay actors who looks like women to a certain extend. In this video we look at 5 lesbian celebrities who looks more masculine.

Number 1 is Caster Semenya

5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine
Image of Caster

Caster Semenya who is best kjnown for being the South African middle-distance runner looks really masculine. She is also a lesbian and she is married to her long-term partner, Violet Raseboya. Their marriage occurred in December 2015 and in 2020 they gave birth to their first daughter. When Violet first met Semenya in the rest room during Olympics, she thought she was a boy which Semenya quickly addressed. Semenya is so masculine to such an extend that the World Athletics organization asked that she do a gender verification test to see if she is truly a woman. In April 2018, the IAAF announced new rules that required athletes who have certain disorders of gender development that cause testosterone level to be higher than normal to be reduced, and most people believes it was designed to suppress Semenya’s higher testosterone level. That’s how masculine Semenya is. [1]

Number 2 is Mandisa Nduna

5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine
Image of Nduna

She is best known for being an Actor and a Hip Hop artist from South Africa. She is a lesbian who has been in several homosexual relationships and she was the masculine one. She dated Thishiwe Ziqubu in which she was the masculine one, even though Thishiwe at some point looks masculine. When she broke up with her, she had to address people who assumed that she has become straight saying she still gay.

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Number 3 is Lebo Keswa

5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine
Image of Zandile and Latoya

Lebo Keswa isn’t a celebrity per se but she became one to some after marrying Latoya Makhene who is a famous Actor from South Africa. If you look closes in Lebo and Latoya’s relationship, Lebo is the masculine one and Latoya is the feminine one. If you bump on them unaware, you can surely come to the conclusion that Lebo is the husband of this same gender relationship. With that short haircut and stature, you can surely confuse her for a man to a certain extend until you look closes. [2]

Number 4 is Zandile Shezi

5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine
Image of Shezi and her spouse

Another lesbian famous person is Zandile Shezi. The lady who is masculine in her relationship became famous after marrying a famous actress Buthelezi Nomsa. The two have been married since 2019 and they look happy together. If you look closes in these two’s relationship its clear that Zandile Shezi is the masculine one. Indeed, Zandile Shezi looks masculine though its also clear that she is a woman.

Number 5 is Thishiwe Ziqubu

5 Lesbian Celebs Who Looks like men or Masculine
Image of Ziqubu

Thishiwe is a famous director, actor and writer. She dated Mandisa Nduna before they broke up in recent years. In their relationship Thishiwe looked more feminine but sometimes Thishiwe puts on a masculine appearance and everyone can be convinced that she is masculine. But generally, Thishiwe enjoys her feminine looks. [3]


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