10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays

We oftenly think that actors portray roles that associate with their true sexuality but some plays the opposite. For an example a gay can play a straight character while a man can play as a woman like in Big Mama. Their acting can be convincing that we will assume that’s who they are. We will look at 10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays.

Number 1: JT Medupe

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Medupe and his wife

The first actor some people assume he is gay is JT Medupe because he is nailing his gay role on Smoke and Mirrors. Surely he is convincing to an extent that most people are searching on the internet to see if he is gay or not. If you research well you will find out JT Medupe is married to his wife of opposite gender. His wife’s name is Lebogang Mthunzi and both used to play as siblings in Generations the legacy as Jonathan Motene and Angela Mogale. So, JT Medupe is not gay at all but he is really good at acting. [1]

Number 2: Vusi Leremi

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Vusi Leremi

Skeem Saam actor Vusi Leremi had to explain himself that he is not gay via TshisaLIVE publication after nailing a gay role on the youth drama. He plays the role of Clement on Skeem Saam who came out as gay on the show. Fans were shocked by how convincing he was as gay and they started thinking he is probably gay in real life. But the truth is Vusi is not gay, he had to do research on the gay character and prepared for it years before he opened up. He just accepted to play a gay role to clear out the misconception of people in the LGBTIQ+ community.

This takes us to number 3: Prince Magoai

He plays the role of Oritando alongside Vusi Leremi in Skeem Saam as his gay boyfriend. Prince is very convincing on his gay role and fans were also wondering if he is gay or not. In 2023 he protested on publications about fans who continue to ask him either he is gay or not. This  probably means he is not gay but there is no clear evidence of either he is straight or gay except that he doesn’t like to be asked about it.

Number 4: Thami Mngqolo

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Thami Mngqolo

So, actor Thami Mngqolo is well known for playing alongside Zolisa Xaluva as gay couple in Generations. Their onscreen names were Senzo and Jason, one of the first gay onscreen couple. But are they gay in real life? Obviously not, they were just acting like everyone else. Thami who played Senzo, was in a relationship with Jo-Anne Reyneke until they separated after allegations of infidelity. So, despite playing a convincing role, Thami is straight person who is flexible to play even gay characters. Same with Zolisa Xaluva, he is a straight person who loves to play different characters including gay ones. [2]

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Number 5: Mpho Sibeko

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Mpho Sibeko

In the third season of Netflix’s popular series Blood and Water – we were introduced to a new character, Lunga Vezi played by Mpho Sibeko, who finds himself in a love triangle when he falls for bisexual Chris by Arno Greeff who happens to be in a relationship with Wendy by Natasha Thahane. Fans who don’t know much about Mpho started speculating about the person behind the character either he was gay or straight. So, Mpho took the matter to Sowatan to clarify the confusion. Mpho is straight and only played the character to challenge himself since most male actors shy away from such characters.

Number 6: Chiedza Mhende

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Mhende

Back in 2016 Chiedza Mhende broke the internet news when she played a role of a lesbian character in Generations the legacy. She was so convincing that some thought she is a man. She fooled all of us until we did some research and found out she is just good at acting. As a result, Chiedza received a lot of praise from LGBTIQ + community of South Africa for representing them well. So, for fans who never found out of her true self, well, Chiedza is a straight woman, a heterosexual woman.

Number 7: Brighton Ngoma

Image of Brighton Ngoma

Most soapie opera fans know Brighton Ngoma as Quinton Nyathi in Scandal. A role he played for years as a straight character but when he left the drama, he joined Ubethina Wethu to play a gay role. He became so good at this character that even on set other homophobic people didn’t like him. Fans who think Brighton is gay are wrong. The actor is married to his wife for ages now and they were blessed with a child.

Number 8: Vuyolwethu Ngcukana

So, Vuyo Ngcukana portrayed a role of a gay character on The Queen alongside veteran actor Sello Maake ka-Ncube. Both men are heterosexual and have wives and children of their own. But they decided to play gay characters as a couple in The Drama. Friends and family of Sello started to think that he is gay and has been hiding considering how good he acted. Obviously Sello is not gay, but how about Vuyo? Well, Vuyo is not gay as well but he is just good at what he does. [3]

Number 9: Phila Madlingozi

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Phila Madlingozi

So another actor who played a gay and is straight person is Phila Madlingozi, son to a musician Ringo Madlingozi. He was playing a gay character Nathi alongside Mzamo Gcabashe in Rhythm City as a gay couple. As a result he gained a new fan base in the LGBTIQ + community and he was happy for that. Some fans thought he is gay in real life but Phila is not gay but he is just a dynamic and versatile actor.

Number 10: Bohang Moeko

10 Straight Actors who acted as Gays
Image of Bohang Moeko

There is time on Scandal when the first born son of the Langa family, Chumani Langa came out as gay and fans were shocked. But somehow it was clear that he is acting except for those he fooled. Either way we are talking about Bohang Moeko who played as Chumani’s gay boyfriend in the soapie. Well, most fans were convinced that Bohang was gay because he was just nailing his role. So, is Bohang gay, obviously not, he is just too good. Bohang is married to his wife opposite gender Shanty since 2021 and the too are very happy.