10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 

When one becomes a parent at young age, people assume that they made a mistake because of their age and what is expected of them. But most people don’t allow these kind of mistakes to define them, so they carry on and even become successful in their careers. Will tell you about 10 Mzansi Celebs who had children Whilst teenagers and today they’re successful.

Number 1 is Zoleka Mandela

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of the late Zoleka Mandela

The first famous person of South Africa to have a child at tender age is Zoleka Mandela. She was known for being Mandela’s grandchild and for her work in writing and activism. Zoleka had her first child, a daughter, at the age of 17 in 1980 whom she named Zenani Mandela. After that she had other children, two died and she survived with 4 more children since Wikipedia attributes her 6 children. According to several sources, the late Zoleka Mandela was abused at very young age which led her to smoke, using drugs and a victim to teenage pregnancy. [1]

Number 2 is Zakes Bantwini

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Zakes Bantwini

South African singer, record producer and Businessman Zakes Bantwini had his first child at 14 years of age. He revealed this in 2019 on Phat Joe’s show on Radio 2000 and left listeners in shock. The musician who is 42 years old in 2023 is now married to Nandi Ngoma and he has five children all together. The most amazing thing is Zakes didn’t see this as a stumbling block to success. After the mischief, Zakes went on to finish his matric and became one of the most influential musicians in South Africa.

Number 3 is Bucie

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Bucie

Singer and musician Bucie is one of those famous people who had children at very young age. Bucie whose real name is Busisiwe Nqwiliso had her first child (Xolani) at the age of 18. After that she had her second born child (Aphiwe) prematurely which scared her, but everything was fine at the end of the day. Bucie is married to her Zimbabwean husband Nhlanhla Nkomo who is a chartered accountant by profession. She never allowed her mistakes to define her and now she is a successful musician and a house wife.

Number 4 is Palesa Madisakwane

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Palesa

Best known as a television personality and actress, Palesa Madisakwane is on this list because she had her first child at the age of 19 with the famous gay influencer and actor Somizi Mhlongo. They named their child Bahumi Madisakwane. When Palesa began dating Somizi Mhlongo, she claims she didn’t know that he was gay but there is no clear information of how did she find out. She claims Somizi “didn’t act gay or seem flamboyant” and it hurts her when Somizi claims that she knew about his queer. She is a famous person because she never permitted teenage pregnancy to be a stumbling block to her future. [2]

Number 5 is Pearl Thusi

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Pearl Thusi

She is known as an actress, model and presenter and had her first child at the age of 19. Pearl named her daughter Thandolwethu Mokoena and is now 16 years of age in 2023. She recently celebrated her birthday and Pearl posted at least 10 pictures of her on Instagram to appreciate her. She is so proud of her and never treated her as a mistake. Pearl never allowed this mistake child to define her, now she is the most influential actress of her time with multiple awards in films.

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Number 6 is King Monada

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of King Monada

The South African house musician and her baby mama Sharon Masiya became parents in High school when Monada was just 17 years old. This child was not well known to the public as he kept him a secret until her baby mama exposed him. This happened when Monada didn’t want to increase child support and his baby mama decided to expose him to media in order to increase it. This is when everyone knew about the secret child and his age. Despite having a child a such tender age Monada is a well known musician national wide.

Number 7 is TNS

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of TNS

A  young talented singer, DJ and producer TNS, had a child at very tender age of 15. The child died when he was 8 months old from an unknown sickness. In January 2022, TNS had another child and he showed that this child brought comfort to him since he lost his first child. When asked of his first child, TNS said he didn’t want to say a lot about him, it means this bring him sorrow when recalling how much he loved him. TNS didn’t allow teenage parenting and even the pain of losing a child to hold him back from succeeding in the music industry.

Number 8 is Sana Mchunu

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Mcunu

She is a South African actress best known for acting in Gomora, Muvhango, The River and eKasi: Our Stories. Her name is Sannah and she had two children at tender age: her first child was born when she was 15 years old and welcomes her second child at the age of 19. After that she was send back to school where she got pregnant again with her third child. She is currently a mother to 7 children according to Wikipedia. For most people once you give birth to three children you give up on your dreams and find means to fend for your children, but Sannah couldn’t permit failure to be her identity. [3]

Number 9 is Patrick Seleka

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Patrick Seleka

South African actor and television personality Patrick Seleka had his first child when he was still a teenager. He was only 17 years old when Patrick known as Kat on Skeem Saam had his first child. He really doesn’t show any regrets about this and he embraces his mistakes from whence he learn to do better today. According to News365 website, on his baby mama’s birthday, Patrick thanked her for giving him a best gift, their daughter, whom they had while they were still teenagers. By looking at how far Patrick has come, it’s quite believable that if you don’t ponder your mind on your mistakes and allow regrets to creep in, you will surely succeed.

Number 10 is Xoli Zondo

10 Mzansi Celebs Who had Children Whilst teenagers 
Image of Zondo

Predominantly known to the South African public as a Sports presenter for SABC, Xoli Zondo was impregnated while still very young. She was 16 years old when she gave birth to her first child but waited until she was married before giving birth to her second child. She is currently married to ward councilor Phiwokuhle Zamisa. Though she had her first child at tender age, she never allowed herself to be defined by her mistakes and now she is very successful.


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