15 Acting Couples who became real life partners

Have you imagined or speculated that perhaps television couples being too passionate of their onscreen romance may cause a real life relationship to happen between them. And for sure this has been the path of many actors who have taken fiction too serious that they have ended up dating or getting married in real life. This because they worked too close to each other on set or they were acting as partners and end up dating in real life. So seat down and relax as we unfold 15 Acting Couples who became real life partners.

Number 1 is Maumela Mahuwa and Gabriel Temudzani

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Maumela and Gabriel

Actors Gabriel and Maumela who are best known for playing as a husband and wife in SABC2 drama Muvhango as Azwindini and Susan Mukwevho are married in real life. Their relationship in the drama lasted for almost two decades and ended up sparking real life romance. Sources from SABC2 Soapie confirmed reports that the pair have been dating in real life.

The actors confirmed that they have been dating for a while before they got married. Their marriage was also sponsored by the soapie- Muvhango with a popular celebrity wedding planner. On the drama, the pair’s marriage had ups and downs even after their 20th anniversary. Azwindini married several women while married to Susan and emotionally abused her. [1]

Number 2 Thuthuka Mthembu and Sandile Mfusi

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Thuthuka and Sandile

Uzalo drama series actors Thuthuka and Sandile sparked dating rumors back in August 2022 while they concurrently played as a couple on the drama. According to colleagues close to them, the two were not hiding their relationship as they would post each other’s pictures on WhatsApp.

“It didn’t take them long to fall in love. It happened soon after Masandi joined the show,” the close source said. According to the source, the couple didn’t want the public to know but they made it obvious to those close to them. Most people believe this was caused by the two working close to each other on the drama acting as a couple. Another source close to them said the two kept it professional to make sure their relationship doesn’t affect their work.

Number 3 is Nelisiwe Sibiya and Mike Ndlangamandla

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Nelisiwe and Mike

Another onscreen couple which sparked dating allegations is the Durban Gen couple Dr Mbali and Dr Lindelani played by Nelisiwe Sibiya and Mike Ndlangamandla respectively. The two were playing as couple on etv medical drama series Durban Gen but later on, fans saw them in real life getting all cozy and lovey-dovey. The actors never confirmed that they are either dating in real life or not but fans rushed to conclude that the two were dating. Their followers and fans believed that their onscreen chemistry rubbed off on them in real life and decided to make it official.

Number 4 is JT Medupe and Lebohang Mthunzi

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of JT Medupe and wife

So the third ongoing relationship that began as a result of working close to each other is that of JT Medupe and Lebohang Mthunzi. The two played as siblings on Generations the legacy as Angela Mogale and Jonathan Motene. They were not dating on the television drama but related as siblings which sparked romance between the two because they worked close to each other. The two are supposed to have started out as best friends, posting pictures on Instagram together hanging out off-screen. There is no record of when they got married but after a while JT started posting Lebohang calling her his wife. Fast forward to date, the two have a child together and people still envy their lovely relationship. [2]

Number 5 is Shalate Sekhabi and Wanda Zuma

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Shalate and Wanda

The House of Zwide couple Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi stirred dating rumors among the fans of the drama after Shalate shared her song which featured her onscreen husband Wanda Zuma. Though their faces in the music featured image were completely covered, fans did noticed that it was them. To the fans’ surprise the alleged couple did confirm that it is their image. Viewers of the show believe that the pair is dating in real life and their real life romans must have been sparked by the television romance since they act as husband and wife on House of Zwide. If they are dating, there is nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t affect their acting career, as they say “don’t mix business with pleasure”.

Number 6 is Rapulana Seiphemo and Zoe Mthiyane

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Rapulana and Zoe

The sixth on the list is former Generations couple played by Rapulana and Zoe. The two played as a couple on the drama which sparked real life romantic relationship between these two. They got married on the drama and started mirroring the same in real life. Zoe would post pictures of Rapulana showing off her man to her fans, calling him her Wednesday crush but it didn’t end well. The two were caught up in a love triangle which led their relationship to come to an end thus affecting Zoe’s career on Generations. Zoe was later fired because she wasn’t focusing at work.

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Number 7 is Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Nomzamo and Maps

Unlike most celebrities who make their life public, Maps Maponyane try by all means to keep it private but sometimes it’s just impossible to do so. The star is believed to have been dating Nomzamo Mbatha since 2015. According to several sources, the two met and fell inlove on set when they played each other’s love interest in a local romantic comedy “Tell Me Sweet Something”. Though they never came out officially to the public with their relationship, it was difficult for them to hide it.

They were often seen at events together being cozy and sent each other sweet messages deeming themselves to their fans as best friends. Maps would even defend Nomzamo from a troll who attacked her on Twitter now called X. But their relationship ended in tears after cheating allegations according sources close to them. [3]

Number 8 is Dingaan Mokebe and Tsholofelo Matshaba

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Mokebe and Tsholofelo

On the SABC2 drama series Muvhango, James Motsamai played by Dingaan Mokebe and Meme played by Tsholofelo Matshaba served a good and serious relationship. This sparked a real life relationship which was blessed with a child. Their relationship was a secret though and came out to the public when Dingaan told Kaya FM radio listeners that Tsholo was preventing her from seeing their son.

Fans were astonished to hear that his onscreen partner was his baby mama and they joined dots, that the two’s romantic relationship began when they played girlfriend and boyfriend on Muvhango. Tsholo on the other hand called Dingaan that he is a liar, she is not denying him access to his child, it’s just Dingaan doesn’t care and never cared to see the child.

Number 9 is Clint Brink and Lorcia Cooper

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Clint and Cooper

These two Clint and Lorcia were somehow bound to become a couple because they played as a couple in etv drama series Backstage as Shawn and Charmaine. They even get married on this drama and became everyone’s favorite onscreen couple. After that they were both accepted to act for another etv drama series Scandal where they played a married couple Tino and Erin Martins.

To everyone’s surprise their Backstage romance followed them to the new drama. This proved that they were comfortable with each other so a romantic relationship germinated between the two and became an official couple in 2012. Unfortunately they later broke up and they are now married to different partners.

Number 10 is Zenzo Ngqobe and Nokuthula Ledwaba

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Zenzo and Nokuthula

When you search for Zenzo’s personal life you will hear explicitly that the actor dated his colleague Nokuthula Ledwaba. The two played as siblings on Rhythm City as Bra Kop Khuse and Mma Mokhethe Khuse’s children. Nokhuthula played Tsidi Khuse and Zenzo played Stone Khuse. To everyone’s astonishment the two began dating in real life.

In 2008 the two got married in real life and the production crew was happy for them. But their union turned sour in 2012 and they got divorced. This separation caused serious heart break on Zenzo who ended up not showing up for work on the show. He was fired and later got married to someone else but now keeps his life private. [4]

Number 11 is Kristen Raath and Markus Waywood

Actors Kristen Raath and Markus Waywood played a married couple on SABC3 drama series 7de Laan. Their on screen romance sparked a real life romantic relationship. On the drama, Kristen played Amorey and Markus played the role of Willem. Willem was sleeping with yoga instructor Tineke (Trix Vivier) which broke Amorey’s when she found out and later broke up with him. But while acting as a couple, the two secretly dated in real life and a romantic relationship was sparked by their on screen romance.

Number 12 is Jamie Bartlett and Camilla Waldman

The late Rhythm City actor Jamie Barlett best known for playing David Genaro  and former Generations actress Camilla Waldman were married to each other. The two were co actors in Rhythm City when Waldman played the role of Dr Ongers while Bartlett played David Genaro. There is no information that they played as a couple on the drama but just they were co stars. They later got divorced and Bartlett later dated Rosa Onious before his death in 2022.

Number 13 is Loyiso MacDonald and Zandile Msutwana

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Loyiso and Zandile

Another fictitious couple which turned into reality is Loyiso and Zandile who played Lindiwe and Ray in Zabalaza. On Zabalaza, the two were really passionate about each other and each other’s love interest. The Queen producers saw a potential to create a couple for their show from them and they acted close together again as a couple. This fictitious lovey dovey story ended up into reality because their onscreen chemistry rubbed off on them. The unfortunate part is that Loyiso was married already when all these began to happen. So his marriage ended in divorce because of cheating with his colleague. [5]

Number 14 is Jay Anstey and Sean- Marco Vorster

Legacy actress Jay acted together with Sean-Marco and they ended up being in a relationship. In 2021 they announced via Instagram that they were expecting a baby. Jay played the role of Lexi Price whilst Vorster played the role of Stefan. When they announced their relationship to the public, the two had been dating for over a year. It’s still not clear either they are still together or not but their lovely relationship is one of those that began because of working together on scene.

Number 15 is Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows

15 Acting Couples who became real life partners
Image of Hungani and Stephanie

The Ndlovus are also on our list. They’re known for acting on etv drama series Scandal as Romeo Medupe and Ingrid. They were not partners on the drama but working close to each other and on the same set sparked romance between these two. The couple started dating in 2017 and two years later they got married to each other. Their marriage is now blessed with a baby and the two are still deeply in love.