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Oscar Mgudlwa, a comedian and actor from South Africa, was born on December 29, 1975. She gained notoriety for her performance in the film Madluphuthu. Most recently, she played Jupiter in The Black Door.

Biography profile of Oscar Mgudlwa

Oscar Mgudlwa Biography
Image of Oscar Mgudlwa

Full name  :  Vuyo Oscar Mgudlwa

Gender  : Female

Age : 48 years old

Date of birth  : 29 December 1975

Place of birth  : Johannesburg,  Gauteng province

Nationality  : South African

Occupation  : Actor, Comedian, musician and songwriter

Instagram  : @omgudlwa

Facebook  : Oscar Madluphuthu Mgudlwa

Early life of Oscar Mgudlwa

The date of Oscar Mgudlwa’s birth is December 29, 1975. In the Gauteng province of South Africa, he was born in Johannesburg, Daveton, East Rand. Although his father passed away when Oscar was thirteen, he was raised by his parents. Three sisters survive him, and his mother passed away later. It took him more than fifteen years to become well-known. Oscar has three brothers: Nocollege Mgudlwa, Xolani, and Sipho. [1]


Oscar attended the Johannesburg Hulwazi Secondary School. Additionally, he attended Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology. His prior schooling in lower grades is largely unknown, and even more is unknown.

Personal life

Oscar claims to be in a relationship on Facebook, but it is unclear who his partner is. The duration of their relationship and their marital status are unknown. Additionally, the number of their children is unknown to us.

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Career of Oscar Mgudlwa

Oscar Mgudlwa Biography
Image of Oscar and fellow colleague

Oscar made an album in 1998 with Mina Nawe’s Man Child. He released two albums on his own and he failed.  This forced him to  find piece jobs and he found one at Pick n Pay to sweep the floor. He was produced by low-budget movie owned by Chicco Thwala a former musician and now a filmmaker. [2]

Oscar popularity came through the movie Moruti wa Tsotsi whose starring was Senyaka kwaito artist.  Conversations in cabs and trains were dominated by these Thwala-produced local films. Having played a foreign boy in Phuthe, Oscar appeared in numerous local productions. He most recently played Jupiter in the television series The Black Door, which is currently known as Isitha, The Enemy.

Social media of Oscar

Oscar can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and possibly other social media sites. The account @omgudlwa has 296 followers, 10 posts, and 43 followers on Instagram. It appears to be an older account. 4.6K friends are on his Facebook page.

Net worth of Oscar Mgudlwa

Oscar’s estimated net worth is not yet known. His salary is unknown aswell at the moment. We will try to find out his monthly salary so that we could calculate his networth. We hope to update you as soon as we find out more information about his monthly payments per annual. [3]