What exactly happened to Katlego bereng, cause of Death

New information suggests that Katlego Bereng could’ve been kidnapped and murdered by Bester. As well as further information on bribes given to the Prison personnel and Thabo Bester’s affiliation with celebrities such as Simz ngema. In this article we will look at new facts that have come to light about the Thabo Bester situation.

What happened to Katlego bereng

What happened to Katlego Bereng
Image of Katlego Bereng

According to Ground up, Katlego Bereng was the body found in Bester’s prison cell. The man whom we initially thought was actually a prisoner, simply wasn’t. Turns out, the body burnt is claimed to have been found from a mortuary.

So, Magudumana either bought the mortuary personnel for the body that fit Thabo Bester’s description. Or, it could be as dark as them asking either the mortuary or some accomplices to kidnap a man matching Bester’s description, murdering him, then using him as a body double for Bester.

The reason why we think it’s a possibility for them to kidnap and kill is, Katlego Bereng did not die a natural death. According to police reports, he was first reported missing in May 2022, after going missing in March 2022. Since, Bereng was a father of two, it wouldn’t take long to notice his absence. [1]

How did Katlego Bereng end up dead?

So, after nearly a month or two after going missing, he was reported missing. However, in that month, that’s when Bester’s cell suspiciously caught fire and he was burnt beyond recognition. Of which incidence thereafter Dr. Nandipha came to collect the body as his customary wife.

Considering that Bereng went missing first before his body was used in the Thabo Bester escape, it may be that he was murdered, either by people associated with Bester himself or just randomly. But it’s clear that his disappearance is questionable.

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How much were the people involved bribed with?

What happened to Katlego Bereng
Image of Katlego

In our last video, we mentioned how Bester used G4S personnel to escape prison. Well, we didn’t get into good details. It turns out that the bribes were massive. According to new information from Ground up, the CCTV technician or operator was bribed with up to two point five million rands to tamper with the CCTV footage and conceal evidence. The man who did this was found to be Teboho Lipholo.

He is among the five accused implicated in the trial and he’s also awaiting a bail hearing on the 16th of May. As a result of all these Incompetencies, the POPCRU (Prisons of Public Civil Rights Union) is arguing for the closure of private companies operations of prisons. [2]

Arguing the prisons must be returned to the state. As of yet, most prisons are guarded by private companies such as the G4S, Fidelity and Others. As of yet, the mangaung prison will be taken back by the government until further notice.

How he used his personal computer to run a business from prison

Another interesting matter that has arisen in the trial of Bester is how he used his private computer to actually run and multimillion rand company in his prison cell. So, in the past, prisoners were allowed to study, with access to books and computers to use for research. However, they were prohibited from using personal computers in their personal cells.

But, in recent years, the argument changed. It was ruled unfair descrimination to deprive prisoners of personal computers in their cells and therefore, prisoners were now allowed to access their personal computers in their personal prison cells. While that may have seemed harmless at first, Bester found it as a loophole to continue his criminal activities in his cell.

Running a scam business from Prison and Simz Ngema Involvement

It is stated in the documents of his trial that Bester used his personal computer to run a scam business from his prison cell. In fact, he even scammed prominent people like the likes of Simz Ngema. Simz Ngema was the first wife of the late Dumi Masilela. In recent affidavits, it was revealed that Simz Ngema once visited Thabo Bester, the purpose of her visit was undisclosed. However, the public couldn’t let it go, as a result, Simz had to come clean. [3]

In a recent trail of tweets, she revealed that her visit to Bester was strictly business related and that she was not the last person to see him before his escape. Of course it’s questionable how she would know that, but, her version says she was also scammed by Bester and wanted him to pay her back. In her own words, he owed her money and that’s why she went to see him. Simz also pleaded with the public to focus on Bester and not shift blaming the matter to his victims.


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