8 Generations the Legacy actors and their partners

They say love is a beautiful thing and most people seem to agree when they find themselves in love. Even our television celebrities agree as they enter into relationships and flaunt their partners on social media for their followers and Generations the legacy actors are not an exception to this. So, we are going to look at 8 Generations, the legacy actors and their partners.  

Number 1 is Connie Ferguson.

Generations actors and their partners
Image of Connie Ferguson

She plays a recurring role of Karabo Moroka. The Actress who lost her husband recently after he suffered from Covid 19 has been reported to be in a new relationship. It’s not yet clear if that’s true as it appears people are speculating based on what she posted on her Instagram. Connie posted a photo of herself and this man to Instagram along with a public statement about how much she likes the poetry and how much she values and loves him. She even referred to him as her baby.  [1]

On number 2 we have Ronnie Nyakale

who plays the role of Cosmo in the drama Generations. He is happily married to Lebogang Mashilo who is an American Lawyer and Actress. There is not much information on when they get married and how many children they have together.

The third on our list is Muzi Mthabela.

Generations actors and their partners
Image of Muzi and his wife

Muzi plays the role of Nkosiyabo Cele on Generations the legacy. The actor enjoys being monogamous. He has two children, Bubu and Bobo, from a previous marriage to Zanele over ten years ago. Muzi Mthabela, who prides himself on being a strict parent, acknowledges that his girls frequently get away with misbehavior. 

Number 4 Kope Makgae who plays Mrekza in the drama series.

Kope is technically married, but not legally. He resides with Mpotseng, his fiancée, who goes by that name solely. The couple was blessed with three children in total, including Zoey and Zoyl, who are twins. The couple first got connected in 2015 through a mutual friend, and after becoming parents to twins in 2017, they became engaged.  

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The fifth on the list is Nathaniel Singo.

The actor plays the role of Mpho Phakade on Generations the legacy. Singo has a special person in his life and that’s his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name is Lusanda Mtongana whom he has been dating for a while now. He is not ashamed to show off his girlfriend on social media to prove his love for her.  

On number 6 we have Buntu Petse. She portrays the role of Nontle Majola in Generations the legacy. Buntu Petse doesn’t hide the face of the person she loves, unlike other celebrities, despite the fact that she maintains a rather discreet personal life. Buntu is a relationship, but the name of her boyfriend hasn’t been published. But she does publish pictures of herself with her boyfriend on social media to show how proud she is of him.  

On number 7 we have Rapulana Seiphemo.

Generations actors and their partners
Image of Seiphemo Rapulana

He portays the role of Tau Mogale in Generations The Legacy. He is happily married to Olga Ruberio since 2003. Since she is a very secretive person, little is known about her past. She does, however, work as an Executive Director at Le Blaq and has an MBA from the Management College School of South Africa. [3]

The last on number 8 is Nimrod Nkosi.

Generations actors and their partners
Image of Nimrod Nkosi

According to reports, Nimrod Nkosi is “happy married to Charlene Nkosi, the love of his life, with whom he leads a quiet life.” Nkosi frequently appears with his wedding ring on. He is not ashamed to post pictures of his wife on social media including when he got married.