Nthabeng Modula AKA Tabea from Scandal full Biography

Nthabeng Modula (born 16 August 1989) is a South African actress and drama facilitator best known for her role as Tabea on etv’s Scandal. In this article we will look into her life details and everything we know about her.

Biography of Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula

Nthabeng Modula Biography
Image of Nthabeng Modula

Full name : Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula
Date of birth : 16 August 1989 (34 years old as of 2023)
Place of origin : Limpopo, South Africa
Education : D H Peta High school
Alma mater : Madlide Medunsa, Market Theatre, Zodiac Commercial College
Height : 157cm
Occupation : Actress and Drama Facilitator
Known for : Tabea on Scandal
Net worth : $20,000
Nationality : South African

Early life

Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula was born in South Africa on the 16th of August in 1989. So, as of 2023, Nthabeng Modula is at least 34 years old, Which she officially turns on the 16th of August each year. This exact date can be off by a day however.

But, as far as our research shows, she was born on the 16th of August. It’s hard to tell the type of childhood Nthabeng had growing up. However, she is very close with her mother, in fact, she used to wish her happy birthday on her Facebook. Her mother’s birthday is in October on the 8th.

We don’t know if she has any siblings, however, it’s very much possible. While we don’t know exactly where she was born, we have reason to believe at least a big part of her early life was spent in Limpopo. She attended the David Hellen High school in Limpopo until she graduated between 2006 and 2007.

Education of Nthabeng Modula

Weird enough, we know more about her educational background than we do her actual background. Nthabeng attended the DH Peta or David Hellen Peta High school in Limpopo. After graduating, she went on to study at the Medilde Medunsa college in 2008.

She only studied for a year and graduated. So, we assume she did a short course. After graduating at Medunsa, she studied at the Zodiac Commercial College and graduated in 2009. So, the course is also assumed to have been short.

Thereafter, she studied at the Market Theatre, graduating in 2013. After this, she then got to study at MDH Productions at the State Theatre. Moreover, she worked as a Drama Facilitator at the Out Reach Foundation. We don’t know if she had any other formal education outside these mentioned.

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Personal life

Her personal life isn’t fully stipulated in public records. However, we do know that she is said to have three children. One of the children we know is a daughter who is very young. Probably a few years old. Her social media platforms don’t say if she’s in a relationship or not. However, it is possible that she may be in one. [1]

Career of Nthabeng Modula

Nthabeng Modula Biography
Image of actress Nthabeng

Her career doesn’t have many things in it. She has, according to her agency, worked with the likes of James Ngcobo. Probably during her years in Theatre since Ngcobo is exclusively a   genius. Moreover, she has appeared in a minor role on Muvhango.

While we don’t have clear details on this, we do know that the role is said to have been a Katlego. However, recently she has gotten herself in the front rows again. This was after getting the role of Tabea on etv’s Scandal.

Tabea is Winnie’s best friend and they have known each other for ages. However, in a more recent season, it seems that their friendship will be tested by a love interest, Thabang, who’s playing both of them for his own gain.

Social media

On Facebook Nthabeng uses the full name Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula. The account has most of her pictures and early posts dating all the way back to 2012. Then, on Instagram she is Nthabeng Modula with the username @nthabengmodula. She has up to 16k followers and most of her pictures may be found there. Another way to reach her is to contact her agency, she is represented by 4th wall. So, you may find her CV information there.