Themba Zwane Biography, age, education, career and personal life

Themba Zwane is a South African footballer who was born in Tembisa on August 3, 1989. The South African footballer plays as a midfielder for Mamelodi Sundowns in the Premier Soccer League.

Biography of Themba Zwane

Themba Zwane Biography
Image of Themba Zwane

Full name : Themba Mshishi Zwane
Date of birth : 3 August 1989
Place of birth : Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 1.74m
Occupation : South African Soccer player
Net worth : Unknown
Nationality : South African

Personal life

In terms of his personal life, Themba appears to be a man who enjoys living. In 2014, he was accused of having multiple relationships by both his wife and mistress. After paying lobola, he married his high school sweetheart, Lizzy Likhayo.

He told his unnamed mistress that he was not married. She later discovered that the player had a wife and a son. Zwane, according to the mistress, had a string of girlfriends in East Rand. [1]

How the mistress Scandals were resolved

The mistress went on about how she and Lizzy had forbidden the star from hanging out with certain people due to negative influences. While the player initially denied knowing his mistress, he later admitted they were together.

He stated that his primary concern was his career. The wife declined to comment, stating that she was cautious about making comments because she had a child.

Career of Themba Zwane

Themba played for Vardos FC in the 2010-2011 season. This was following his transfer to Sundowns on January 1st, 2011. He played for the national team on loan to the Mpumalanga Black Aces during the 2013/14 season. The star was recalled to Sundowns on June 30, 2014.

The star revealed a few details about himself in an interview with information cradle. He prefers to play number 10, but he is willing to play any number the coach assigns to him. When describing an attacking midfielder, Themba stated that the player must be able to pass and create opportunities for teammates to score. The ability to score is advantageous. [2]

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Zwane’s thoughts on modern playing styles

Themba Zwane Biography
Image of Soccer player Themba

When asked about modern playing styles, he stated that the team that can keep the ball and manipulate it to their advantage always wins. While speed and strength are important, technique is even more important for any successful team.

In describing his team’s success against other African teams, he stressed the importance of paying attention to details. Because of their analytical abilities, they are able to defeat their opponents. Themba considers his greatest accomplishment to be being able to call himself an African champion.

Reaching the CAF Championship finals

He stated that reaching the finals and winning the CAF Champions League cup was the best feeling in the world. At the time of the interview, the star aspired to play for the national team, Bafana Bafana, as well as in international leagues abroad. He concluded his interview by saying that he liked how Arsenal played their game in an exciting way for him. [3]

Net worth and player worth

He is expected to earn €1 million (R15,4 million) after signing a three-year contract with his Downs. He is one of the team’s top ten most valuable players. The player is in good shape, which explains why he consistently delivers excellent results. He stands 170 cm (5′ 6″) tall and weighs 66 kg (146 lbs).

Instagram account of Themba Zwane

On Instagram, the player has a sizable following of 64,095 people. Furthermore, he has only posted 76 photos and videos on Instagram since joining the platform. His Instagram verified profile is currently Themba Zwane – @mshishi18.