12 musicians who are openly gays in 2023.

The number of Gay celebrities who are coming out to the public with their status is increasing. This is because the society is becoming more understanding day by day when it comes to personal sexual orientation. In this article we are going to focus on 12 musicians who are openly gays in 2023.

Number 1 is Toya De Lazy

SA musicians who are openly gay
Image of Toya Delazy and her partner

Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi, best known by her stage name, Toya De Lazy, is a musician who is openly gay or lesbian. As a musician, Toya is known for her hit songs “Pump it on”, “Love is in the air” and “Heart”. She is married to Alison “Ally” Chaig and the two have a child together. They also made it on our list of gay celebrity couples from South Africa, the link in the description. [1]

On number 2 we have PJ powers

SA musicians who are openly gay
Image of PJ powers

PJ Powers is a South African musician known for songs like Jabulani and Mama Africa. She is one of the South African Lesbian celebrities who are also musicians and they don’t hide it to the public. According to some sources PJ powers might be gay but she doesn’t define her self by sexuality, perhaps one must just refer to her as them or they instead of he or she.

Number 3 on the list is Robert Kyle

SA musicians who are openly gay
Image of Robert Kyle

He is a well known musician from South Africa, best known for songs such as Bossalicious. Robert is an open Gay musician according to Wikipedia. He is also an actor who appears as Lee-Roy Foster in the kykNET drama. His character is bullied by classmates for being gay, but he doesn’t let adversity get him down.

Number 4 is Latoya Makhene

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Letoya

Latoya is an Actress and musician as well. Most people know her for appearing in drama serials but her music side is also known to quite a number of fans. Since her debut in the music industry, Latoya released songs such as Ngihawukele, Qinisela and I get Weak featuring DJ Qness. She is one of those musicians who happened to be a lesbian. She is married to a woman by the name of Lebo Keswa. [2]

On number 5 we have Nakhane Mahlakahlaka

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Mahlakahlaka

They are formerly known under the stage name Nakhane Touré and is doesn’t prefer to called gay nor lesbian but just a person prefers to be called they or them. They are a musician who grew up loving it, playing piano and singing in concerts. He is one of the musicians we saw fits to be on the list of musicians who are openly gays.

Number 6 Joe Foster

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Joe Foster

Is an Afrikaans singer best known for songs like Vir My Gemaak, Mona Lisa and Ridder to name a few. One of his English songs he is known for is “I promise”. He is a musician who is a gay. We do not know when he came open but he is not ashamed or afraid of his status.

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Number 7 is Khaya Dladla

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Khaya Dladla

Most people know Khaya Dladla as an actor in Uzalo who is currently playing Lazarus in House of Zwide. He is an open gay man who even acts as a gay in television series as well. Khaya is a musician who is known for songs such as Indovozi and for being featured in songs like Ingoma which was released in 2019. As a musician and a gay we listed him on the list of Gay musicians. [3]

Number 8 is Simphiwe Dana

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Simphiwe

She is a South African musician and songwriter who sings mostly in her mother tongue of Xhosa. Her genres are Jazz, Afro-pop and traditional music. She has more than two decades in the music industry and she is not done yet. Simphiwe Dana, who got engaged to Pumeza Matshikiza, came out as gay in November 2020. She (then) declared that it has been far too long since she has kept her sexuality a secret and that it is now high time she came out of the closet. “I’ve been repressing this for ages.

This takes to number 9, Pumeza Matshikiza

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Phumeza

So, the very same Pumeza Matshikiza who was engaged to Simphiwe Dana is also a musician who is also lesbian. She is a operating soprano and a singer. A graduate of the Royal College of Music and a member of the Royal Opera’s Jette Parker Young Artists Programme. She has released two albums in her life. She is gay and has paved a career in the music industry.

Number 10 is Somizi Mhlongo

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Somizi Mhlongo⁰

Somizi Mhlongo is the most famous gay person in South Africa and possibly in Africa. He is a musician, actor and influencer. Somizi as a musician released songs like Ngibonile featuring Heavy K and was featured in songs like Ntandane by Vusi Nova and Thatha Kuzee. He was married to Mohale but they later divorced. [4]

On number 11 we have Phelo Bala

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Phelo Bala

Phelo Bala is a member of the The Bala Brothers, a vocal trio from the Kwa Nobuhle Township outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. He is a musician who is openly gay and has dated several men. In 2019 he got married to a gay man who is an actor, Mushe Ndiki, but they later got divorced in 2022.

The last on number 12 is Daniel Pitout

musicians who are openly gays in 2023.
Image of Daniel Pitout

Daniel Pitout, a South African country music performer located in Canada, performs under the stage name Orville Peck. He covers his face with a fringed mask and has never been seen in public. He is openly gay and does not feel ashamed of it. He even supports the qeer community and launched a project in 2012 to raise HIV/AIDS awareness through music and art.