Hazel apologized to Prince Kaybee for claiming to be his Sidechick

Hazel Mahazard apologized to Prince Kaybee
Hazel Mahazard apologized to Prince Kaybee

Hazel Mahazard, a lady who claimed to be Kaybee’s sidechick has apologized

Mahazard has released an official statement on her Twitter page to apologize to Prince Kaybee for the pain and damage she might have caused to him. Hazel released pictures of private messages that took place between her and Kabelo Motsamai aka Prince Kaybe, now she is revoking her statements. She is apologize and regrets her actions.

The statement reads as follows;

“On Tuesday 4 May I posted a tweet with pictures and private conversations between Kabelo Motsamai and myself.
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Kabelo for the posts, and the damage that the last picture may have caused to his dignity, public image, personal life and his businesses.” Said Hazel in the first two paragraphs.

She went further to describe how she is so sorry for her actions and she condemned the continuous circulation of the pictures. We do not know what made her to make this sudden turn around but the is a possiblity that Prince Kaybee was planning to sue her for defamation of character because one tweep, by the name of Twana asked Kaybee if he was going to take legal action, and Kaybee replied with a Yes.

Hazel denied any involvement with Kaybee in any relationship romantic or just casual

“Furthermore, allow me to state on record”

“I met Kabelo Motsamai in September 2020 through an official work project that we were both involved in. I have never engaged in any casual or S.e.x.ual relationship with Kabelo Motsamai from the time I met him to date.” She said revoking her previous statements.

She concluded by saying she regrets publishing the statements and private messages which she say comes with harsh lessons. Hazel then said she no longer wants to release more statements and went further to make an appeal “that Kabelo be afforded privacy to deal with the matters that arise from this unfortunate incident.”

Social media comments on Hazel revoking her statements

Social media could not just let this go withiot giving their opinions and below are just few of them.

Mr Smeg said, “We accept your apology. You have a bright future ahead of you. Learn from your mistakes and Move on.
I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on.”

And Sim said he need an eye for eye kind of apology, “We won’t forgive you until you give something…as fans of Prince Kaybee we demand a video or naked picture of yourself!!!” [1]