Thuso Mbedu called Homophobe for thanking MacG

Thuso Mbedu called homophobe by a tweep
Thuso called homophobe by a tweep

Thuso Mbedu called homophobe by a tweeps for thanking MacG @podcastwithmacg for shout-out to Thuso Mbedu

The underground railroad Thuso Mbedu called Homophobe by a tweep for sharing a Twitter post showing gratitude to MacG for saying shout-out to Thuso during one of his pod cast.

MacG is a controversial podcaster host and recently send a shout-out to Mbedu. And Mbedu responded with a tweet thanking MacG for the shout-out, but this didn’t settle one tweep well who tweeted in response to Mbedu’s gratitude tweet calling her a homophobe.

This is what Thuso Mbedu’s tweep was saying,
“Thank you @podcastwithmacg for the shout-out congrats and well done with the leaps you’re making. And No, angijoli no Musa, Waze wangishimisa ngimncane @DrMusamthombeni. Please get married soon and make a huge spectacle of it so the world may know we were never a thing.”

But the tweep by the name of “Not a Dr, Dlamini @Melusi_MD said something disturbing in response, here is what he said, “Thuso Mbedu knows. She’s choosing to interact with tweets that agrees with her and ignoring those that are correcting her. A HOMOPHOBE.”

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Thuso’s accuser continued by saying, “This could go south quickly. She’s now a Hollywood star and will be held to the same standards. Someone needs to talk to her. Now.”

So Thuso had to delete her tweet in fear of offending others

Thuso Mbedu called homophobe
Thuso Mbedu

“I deleted a previous post as it seems to have offended some. I didn’t know why so I went to someone that I trust & who I knew could give me better insight. Others chose to educate me and it’s out of care and respect for them that I deleted my post.” Said Thuso in recent tweet.

Social media has responded to forbid Thuso Mbedu called homophobe

The social media users has denied Thuso Mbedu called homophobe,

  1. “There was nothing wrong with thanking a shout out, Thuso. Problem is when people want everyone to have a problem with people they have problems with. They want you to inherit lame beefs. There’s nothinh homophobic on your tweet.” Replied @Ori_Debig_beats.

I am an African #Mshengu @Uncle_JayB also is supportive to Thuso,
“Since Thuso is being classified a homophobe for thanking MacG, is Bujy also a homophobe for working with MacG? Are the celebrities that go on the podcast weekly for profiling also homophobes? Lol you guys and your prepaid selective activism, you’ve been waiting for Thuso.”