EFF promised to close schools if they reopen

Julius Malema said schools must be closed.

    Julius Malema said schools must be closed.

The Economic Freedom Fighters announced that the schools must not be reopened due to Covid-19 risen.

The Economic Freedom Fighters leader and president Julius Malema said that the Department of Education must not reopen schools due to the rise in the number of Covid-19.Julius who was addressing the media on Thursday at their EFF headquarters, stated that the Department of Education must protect pupils from getting infected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the rise in the number of Covid-19 pandemic, the President Syril Ramaphosa announced the lockdown level 2 after we have been in level 1.The pandemic which decreased in the couple of months this year increased rapidly due to the third wave.

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Julius Malema said that the Department of Education can’t reopen schools anytime soon because the pupils will get infected with the virus.He also stated that the Covid-19 has killed our elderly people and is concerned that we can’t leave our kids dying of Covid-19.He further said that if the Department of Education reopens the schools, their party Economic Freedom Fighters will close the schools because they can’t watch the kids dying of Covid-19.


“The EFF calls for the schools to close with immediate effect. We give the Minister of education 7 days to close schools, failing which, the EFF will be left with no choice but to close the schools”

“The EFF calls on immediate closure of contact learning. There is no reason to force contact learning because already there are rising infections amongst young people and children, which are disrupting schools”

The Department of Education has been given 7days to close schools.They said that there is no force to contact learning which suggest that learners might start doing online learning or collecting work from school. This has happen before during lockdowns last year,if EFF managed to closes the schools or Department of Education closes the schools then pupils will learn from home.