Cindy Mahlangu (Violetta Mamba) to return to The Queen.

Violetta Mamba from scandal etv real name Cindy Mahlangu

Cindy Mahlangu is set to resurface on Mzanzi Magic Telenovela, The Queen. The actress left the show earlier this year for reasons not specified by the producers. The Ferguson family, who owns The Queen telenovela were strongly criticized by fans of the show for unceremoniously​ firing actors from The Queen.

Cindy Mahlangu is one of those who fell victim of the Ferguson’s​ unreasonable firing of actors.

Now the producers of the show are ready to give Cindy a second chance to return to the show as Siyanda. The social media page of the Queen wrote today that Cindy will be back soon. Its not known yet how they are going to resurface her on the show.

Their social media page posts reads:

“Hope ya’all are ready to watch your girl Cindy as she makes her highly anticipated return on The Queen this week.”

With Cindy Mahlangu returning on The Queen people are also wondering if Goodness Mabuza, played by actress, Zenande Mfenyana will also return since she is the one who shot Siyanda.

Zenande had not been fired but had taken a break on the show to go for maternity leave. Now that she has given birth we believe she is ready to return. We will found out on the show.

Though Cindy Mahlangu was fired from the Queen, she showed the world, South Africa if specific, that she is talented. During her absence on the Queen, she joined Scandal where she acted as Violetta Mamba, a wife to villainous Mr Mamba. And everybody loved her already. It’s also not yet known either she will leave Scandal too so that she returns to her previous home The Queen or she will please two masters.

The actress did not keep herself​ busy on etv scandal only. She also endorses several brands on social media, from food to fashion, she certainly a hard worker.

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