Rosemary Zimu on Manifestations: they worked very well for her

"Image of Rosemary Zimu as she speaks on Manifestations.
Image of Rosemary Zimu as she speaks on Manifestations.

Well. Depending on your definition it and world view, manifestation is a big part of self motivation. However, not everyone sees it just as goodie little positive lies we tell ourselves.

Some attribute devine power to it, saying that what you manifest will happen as you manifest it. While there are purely logical explanations for why such propheciew fulfill themselves; we will not be dwelling on that today. No mam/sir!

A little background on Rosemary Zimu

Today we want to talk about one talented actress who started of as a law student in Midrand. But now has a company of her own specializing in luxury eye wear and furthermore, her acting talents. Zimu has appeared on numerous TV roles you might be farmiliar.

One of them being Lily Juice on Scandal etv, Veronica on Isidingo and Warona from Mzansi Magic’s The Queen just to name a few. She is a well recognizable face.

How Rosemary Zimu manifestations and a faith-based approach to life led her to her destiny

Rosemary is a believer in God, she is a christian and believes in affirmations, meditation and manifestations. However, she doesn’t pray for long, in fact according to Zimu, a 5 minute prayer of positive affirmations and manifestations is enough. She does that everytime even at times she doesn’t feel like herself.

How Rosemary Zimu started praying

Image of Rosemary Zimu and how Manifestations help her.
Image of Rosemary Zimu and how Manifestations help her.

Zimu was not always a prayer warrior however. She used to truly rely on her grandmothers to pray for her. In fact she said she was like her voice. She would manifest things on her behalf. However, after she died, Rosemary had to embark on a self discovery journey.

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And after getting baptized in university, Rosemary finally learnt to speak for herself to God. And ever since that day she has been open to God and believes this works for her. Zimu gave an instance in which she was late for work and said that, in those kind of situations, she just does everything in her power and leaves the rest to God.

In fact Zimu believes that God leads her to where she wants to be at the time she wants to be there. Therefore she does not beat herself up when things do not work out as planned.

Zimu says God led her to her destiny in acting (first role)

While you may find it on so many plartforms that Lily’s first job was at Mzansi Magic’s The Queen as Warona. The reality is a bit different, Zimu’s first role was a lead role in a Nollywood film.

And, this was the film that made her realize that acting was her destiny. Her friend called her while she was at varsity in Midrand attending a lesson on criminal law.

How everything worked out for the best

According to Rosemary, she was always sleeping in class during lessons. But this time things were even worse. The lecturer came in crying about how bad she felt protecting criminals and murderers from the law. This was all Rosemary needed to leave that class and attend auditions.

And as a result of that she ended up getting the role. This role was to open doors for Rosemary afterwards. However, law wasn’t even her passion to begin with. In fact after completing her matrid, she was intending on pursuing a career in drama.

However, her parents disapproved and sort of chose law for her. So, as a result of her parents she had to study law but in reality she never saw herself as a lawyer. And as soon as such an opportunity of escape had come, she did not at all hesitate to jump at it.

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