Mamarumo Marokane talks MTV Shuga, Patriachy, Sugar Daddies and Zimbabwe

Mamarumo who plays as Vuvu on etv's Scandal.
Image of Mamarumo Marokane who plays as Vuvu on etv’s Scandal talks about MTV Shuga

We have seen her on several films and drama series and her name is Mamarumo Marokane who catched up with showbiz and talks about her television role on MTV Shuga. But before we proceed lets get a background of who is Mamarumo Marokane.

Who is Mamarumo in real life

Mamarumo Marokane is a South African actress best known for playing Vuvu on etv’s Scandal. The baby mama of Nhlamulo Maseko (Matthews Rantsoma).

However, her acting journey did not begin here, it started quite some time ago. Mamarumo was born in 1997 and is only 25 years old as of 2022. Marokane has played numerous theatrical and TV roles but is mostly remembered for Dineo on MTV Shuga.

The young actress is also talented in modeling, photography and accesory designs. She graduated at City Varsity School of Arts with a degree in Creative arts. When asked what she wanted to do growing up. Mamarokane said that she wanted to become Miss South Africa and would join beauty peagants until the dream died down in high school.

She was always an active person and enjoyed playing house or make believe. In the make believe she would normally play the mother or any available role. And, sometimes even the father.

Some of Mama
TV/Theatrical roles that Mamarumo Marokane played
TV/Theatrical roles that Mamarumo Marokane played
rumo Marokane’s TV roles

Mamarumo Marokane visited Zimbabwe for the first time to film MTV Shuga

When filming MTV Shuga, in an arrangement with the likes of Gilmore Tee, Mamarumo and the team had to go to Zimbabwe. They filmed in Zimbabwe spreading sexual safety knowledge. The film was made to enlighten young women on the various factors of society.

So, Mamarumo had to play Dineo on the show. A role in which she ended up with a Sugar Daddy. However, this wasn’t new to Marokane. In fact, in real life she had a friend who was in a similar situation.

How they got to Zimbabwe to start with and how it was

Mamarumo who plays as Vuvu on etv's Scandal.
Mamarumo who plays as Vuvu on etv’s Scandal.

The reason why the show came to Zimbabwe was one of her best friends was/is from Zimbabwe. He was the one who told her how taboo sex education was or the idea of sex.

So Mamarumo decided together with the team to do the filming in Zimbabwe and it paid off. With so many young women coming to her and opening up as the result. Mamarumo enjoyed her time there and felt like home and at peace.

In an interview with the Zimbabwean podcast channel EarGround; Mamarumo shared her experience of being in Zimbabwe. According to Marokane, Zimbabwe felt like home. Moreover, she praised how calm and patient the people were. Stating that in South Africa things are always in a rush.

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Moreover, Mamarumo also mentioned some fun things she did in Zimbabwe. She met a few artists like Calvin and Thandi and also said Zimbabwean music is so underrated. Mrs Marokane also bought a coffee cup and a hat from Zimbabwe aswell.

Marokane said that she relates 80% with the character of Dineo except for the sugar daddies

When asked how much of Dineo is her? Marokane said up to 80% of the character is basically her. However, she excluded the sugar daddy part. Saying that she didn’t really vibe with the sugar daddy part. However, she didn’t judge that aspect, saying that she had a friend who had been through similar.

Her friend she recalled, had daddy issues and was the bread winner. This led her to such a desperate resolution such as a sugar daddy. She ended up with a sugar daddy in order to fix her life problems. So Mamarumo understood that such things were happening in life and judging wasn’t empathetic.

Views on patriachy, sex work, cast couching and sugar daddies

Well, this since the MTV Shuga show was about sexual awareness. It involved such topics as sexual exploitation. However, the MTV Shuga show wasn’t keen on judging or correcting people’s choices but helping them make better ones. When asked what she thought about cast couching and sex work or similar activities.

Mamarumo Marokane said that it wasn’t easy to judge but it was important to understand. Saying that protecting oneself from disease and health related issues was top tier. Marokane said that it’s complicated and you can’t control people’s choices.

However, you could give them safer ways to go about their choices. Which is why she said she related to Dineo. Because she valued her health as much and was not willing to risk her health. This is what she said was important most of all.

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