Thabang Molaba on Relationships, he won’t look for one

Image of Thabang Molaba.
Image of Thabang Molaba. He commented on relationships.

Depending on your experiences in life, you may have realized that the Cinderella fairytales from Disney were heavy utopia. You may have realized that relationships aren’t so easy after all and while some have learnt to endure, some took other routes. In today’s article we will be discussing the philosophy of Thabang Molaba towards relationships, romantic ones so to say.

A quick introduction: Who is Thabang Molaba

Thabang Molaba is one of South Africa’s finest men, standing a height of 1.72m. Molaba is a model and actor best known recently for his role on Netflix’s Blood and Water as KB Molapo. He is a big sensation in the fashion world and has a huge cult following on Instagram aswell.

Molaba doesn’t want the fame tho but he said he will have to embrace it. He is currenly 28 years old as of 2022 and enjoys traveling and exploring the world. Molaba was in the Maldives just a few months ago and had to go alone due to procrastinating friends.

Thabang Molaba talks about relationships

Image of Thabang Molaba, he doesn't chase relationships.
Image of Thabang Molaba, he doesn’t chase relationships.

In an interview informally conducted by a friend of Molaba on the youtube channel “The thick Leeyonce”, Molaba revealed his views on relationships. Molaba talked about why he was single at the time. Saying that his previous relationship had taught him something intergral.

The Blood and Water star had realized how he was approaching the whole thing from a wrong angle. And while it was a bitter pill to swallow, Molaba had to swallow it. He had realized that self-development prior to relationships was important.

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And that money couldn’t keep or sustain relationships if he wasn’t whole. So he has embarked on a self-development journey to work on his childhood traumas. He believes relationships are all abour giving and not recieving and that was a difficult thing for him to realize.

Thabang Molaba won’t look for girls, they’ll have to find him

Molaba believes in a form of feedback mechanism philosophy in which you attract what you put out into the world. He believes that if you are a mess and are not established as a person, you will only attract that to your life. In fact he argued that you don’t even have to go out your way looking for love.

He said you will attract all of that to yourself. And that’s why he is spending more on himself and treating himself well and nice. And not only on a hygienic level (which he really looks okay on) or financial level but on a psychological level.

Most men do not work on their psychological wiring and childhood traumas and that leads to toxic relationships. And this is what Thabang saw as an intergral imperative for him, to work on his childhood traumas.

The power of attraction according to Molaba

To make himself a better man to attract better women. In fact Molaba was looking forward to meeting some nice looking women in Zanzibar where he was going. And he stated that he had realized that there are some women who can actually appreciate you for you and not your money.

Which was mostly not the case in his life. As most women were in it for “Guap” (or money). The woman interviewing Molaba hinted how hard it would be to find someone self-actualized like him after he is better. Molaba replied to that saying that when you have dealt with your traumas, you don’t need to find anyone.

They will find you, the right people will gravitate towards you. And for him, a self-actualized person is more focused on giving than taking. Therefore, they are not heavily bothered by people who don’t give much.

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