Nefisa Mkhabela talks about her personality, interests and Onalerona role

Nefisa Mkhabela talks about her interest and her role in House of Zwide
Nefisa Mkhabela talks about her interest and her role in House of Zwide.

Nefisa Mkhabela needs no major introduction to the public. She is one of the most famous young actresses in South Africa known for playing Onalerona Molapo in House of Zwide. Mkhabela had to rebel agaisnt her parents in order to pursue he dream career in acting.

To which result she literally became the main character of the show and even went on to drop out of University. In this article however, we will talk about Mkhabela’s work process and who she is in contrast to Onalerona.

How much of Onalerona is in Nefisa Mkhabela?

Nefisa Mkhabela on interest and life after landing a role of Onalerona Molapo in House of Zwide.
Nefisa Mkhabela on interest and life after landing a role of Onalerona Molapo in House of Zwide.

Well you might be wondering if Nefisa is as sassy as Onalerona and the answer is yes. Nefisa and Ona aren’t so different. They’re not too much of polar opposites, in fact Nefisa said that the character almost matches her life. Saying “Ona’s Dad is like my Dad” reffering to how strict Isaac Molapo (her dad on the show) in comparison to how her dad was.

Her dad wanted her to go to UJ and study like everyone else and she rebelled, he wanted her to study accounting just like on House of Zwise. However, after rebelling, she went on to excel in her acting career, which was how things went with Ona. So a lot of the family dynamic in Ona matches that of Nefisa.

Why does she do her hair like that?

You might be wondering why Onalerona always wears colourful hair on the show. Well, according to Nefisa, it is all about being different and not conforming. Even tho she herself doesn’t wear colourful hair in real life, it shows a very deep value of hers.

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She values diversity and her clothes also take a lot of inspiration from street culture. Nefisa also pointed out that the hair was an integral part of making Ona to feel confident. As well as saying it was her sense of style and set her apart from everyone else.

How did she land the role of Onalerona?

Well, when Nefisa Mkhabela was cast for House of Zwide, she did not know what was going on. She didn’t know the role they wanted her to play but they had only told her the personality of the character. So, the audition was very tricky on her part, however, even in her ignorance, she turned out to be exactly what they needed. After the audition, she was called to a meeting to which the results were revealed to her in person.

However, Mkhabela said that the way they told her wasn’t clear enough and she wanted to hear the actual words. So, she only started celebrating after she got an email about being casted. In fact it was a very big moment for her that she cried and prayed to God. She got the email while she was still in her room.

Is Nefisa Mkhabela still at school?

Greenside High School in Randburg, Gauteng, was Nefisa Mkhabela’s alma mater. She was a bright student at school who excelled in comparison to her contemporaries.

During her high school years, the youthful and attractive actress excelled in cultural studies. She also received a certificate in traditional dance. The university and course that Nefisa Mkhabela is now enrolled in are unknown.

As of February 2018, Nefisa Mkhabela made another acting debut in a movie where she played the role of Mbali in the 1Magic drama series titled Unmarried. In 2021, she made another outstanding debut as the lead character in Ispaza Sasekhaya, a Mzansi Original Film.

Her first leading role was as a protagonist in a fashion designing movie. In the movie, she helps navigate the fashion business with the help of her best friend.

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