A look into the life of actress Jo-anne Reyneke from The Estate

Image of Jo-Anne Reyneke who plays Lwandle from The Estate.
Image of Jo-Anne Reyneke who plays Lwandle from The Estate.

Jo-anne Reyneke was born on 2 June 1988. She is a 34-year-old South African actress. Best known for her television soap opera roles as Pearl on SABC 2’s Muvhango. As well as Prudence Oliphant, an office manager for Redemption Records, on e.tv‘s Rhythm City.

Some may also know her from Broken Vows as Thandi. As well as her recent role as Lwandle on The Estate. According to Reyneke, this role has of Lwandle has been the most challenging one in her careeer. As a result of the complexities they put her through and in.

The childhood and upbringing of Jo-anne Reyneke

Jo-anne Reyneke was born to a black Zulu mother and a white father in Vereeniging, Gauteng. She was the 4th child of each of her parents but the first they had together. Meaning, both her mother and father had 3 children before her. Her father having 3 white kids before her and her mother 3 black kids before her. So, she was the middle child. The union.

However, her parents split when she was two and she never got to know her white siblings.  Reyneke’s single mother reared her and her brother in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. She has spoken of being teased as a child in the township. As a result of her mixed-race origin and the pale color of her skin and features.

Reyneke was named after her father, Jo-Anne. Jo-anne still uses his surname because even though her mother and father split, they never divorced. She said the split was somehow political rather than romantic.

Jo-anne was always into acting from early childhood. Reyneke recalls directing sunday school plays and always leading at church in those plays. Then she ended up imitating TV actors like Brook. She also attributes the sustainance of her drama enthusiasm to her drama teachers.

Reyneke studied drama and the performing arts at Russell High School (Pietermaritzburg). Where she developed an interest in them. She went to Movietech Film and Television School in Durban after matriculating, where she studied acting and music.

Jo-anne Reyneke’s career started as a sheer accident

A stunning image of Jo-Anne Reyneke. She is known as Lwandle from The Estate.
A stunning image of Jo-Anne Reyneke. She is known as Lwandle from The Estate.

As a result of her good singing skills and being late. Reyneke ended up being chosen by Duma Ka-Ndlovu for a play called The Game. This was her first role that was to open doors for her in life. When Reyneke was starting out, she would normally tell people about her dreams. And, to no one’s surprise, no one believed she could or would be famous. As a result of the collective doubt.

Reyneke stopped talking about her dreams and had given up altogether on her dreams. She began her career at The Playhouse Company in Durban. Where she starred alongside Mary Twala, Lucia Mthiyane, and Sindi Dlathu in the Duma Ndlovu play The Game.

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Jo-anne was offered a position on Muvhango as Pearl, a receptionist. As a result of Duma Ndlovu writing the play and was the originator and executive producer of Muvhango. It was her breakout role, and it helped her attain notoriety.

Jo-anne Reyneke – Departing from Muvhango and getting hacked

She departed Muvhango in 2013, appearing in Intersexions before moving on to Rhythm City later that year. Reyneke went on to star in television shows such as High Roller, Isidingo, and Scandal! In 2019, she starred alongside Jason Goliath and Mamodibe Ramodibe in BET’s comedic show “Black Tax.”

Jo-anne was once hacked for 2 months and was locked out of her account. When she got her account back, a lot of damage was already done. The hackers had already made some offers to many people who were then constantly massaging Reyneke.

Jo-anne Reyneke on her divorce


Jo-anne Reyneke married Thami Mngqolo, who played ‘Senzo Dlomo’ in the Generations series, in 2008. Uvolwethu, born in 2013, and Lungelo, born in 2015, were the couple’s two children. Reyneke and Mnqolo split in 2018 after ten years of marriage. Moreover, Reyneke explains the split as being some how inevitable but it wasn’t at all fun.

“It was like a death in your life because you no longer have someone who’s checking up on you, who’s thinking for you more than they think for themselves. Now it’s just you by yourself thinking for these kids” she said when talking about her divorce.

However, she did say that Thami was a great guy and a great father. So, co parenting with him was easy. However, the whole divorce was inevitable as she said: “You must want to come back from work.” Insinuating that home was no longer fun to come back to.

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