Wanda Zuma talks Relationship, Infidelity, Ego and love

Image of Wanda Zuma with her onscreen girlfriend and baby mama who are Shalate Sekhabi and Gaisang Noge.
Image of Wanda Zuma with her onscreen girlfriend and baby mama who are Shalate Sekhabi and Gaisang Noge.

Wanda “Sir Blaq” Zuma is no new face to your screens as he is part of the main cast of House of Zwide. Where he plays Nkosi Zwide the son of Funani Zwide (Vusi Kunene). In real life however, Zuma is a loving person.

Zuma grew up in the suburban area of Bluff in the KZN. However, he was originally from Umlazi and would often Visit Umlazi when he was free. These environmental cultural shifts helped him to find himself. As he had to act in a certain way in each neighbourhood.

Wanda Zuma says that he learnt unconditional love from his mother

“I learnt to love unconditionally from my mother” said Wanda Zuma in a youtube interview. According to the “Nkosi Zwide” actor, his mother was in a “toxic relationship” wirh his father. However, she persisted to love him and furtheremore love her children unconditionally.

“If it was any other woman, she would’ve left” Zuma said in the interview, citing that his mother strived in hardships. This led Zuma to work on himself and his love dynamic. As he said: “My mom taught me how I wanted to be and father who I didn’t want to be”.

Wanda struggled with fidelity in his first relationship(s)

While he may have known certain things. He struggled to battle with the drives. Saying: “There are some things you do because the people you look up to do them and they seem like the guy”. This he said in response to questions on fidelity. According to Zuma, he was once unfaithful to one of his partners but only as a result of pressure. He blamed his big brothers and friends for influecing him.

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“You see other guys doing stuff and be like, ‘I wanna be like that'” said Wanda Zuma about how he fell into cheat culture paradigm. However, he later realized that, it wasn’t something he wanted for his life and decided to pick a different route.

“I love him, but I don’t wanna be like him. And I always see traits of him in me. And be like don’t do that!” Zuma said on his father’s toxic traits trying to seep into his life. The “Sir Blaq” artist also said that he continues to learn and improve his awareness about love.

Blaq believes he is making his parents proud

Wanda Zuma in real life!
Wanda Zuma in real life!

After all that growth and mental changes he went through, Zuma said that he was sure his parents were proud. “I am my ancestors’ wildest dream”, he said in the interview. Citing that no one in his family generation ever made it that far and that appearing on TV was a big deal.

Not only for him but for his family as who. He also recalled his aunt telling him how proud she was seeing him on TV. His relationship with his family is very healthy. As a matter of fact, they are the first people he tells when he gets a gig. Furthermore, Zuma is also making himself very proud.

Wanda Zuma doesn’t want to look down on others

According to Zuma, many accomplished actors have big egos and he doesn’t want to be one. “I respect their work but I don’t wanna be likw that” said Zuma on actors showing their egos at work. Zuma grew up with a low self-esteem and always believed he didn’t deserve good things. So, when things worked out and he found himself at the top he didn’t have a big ego.

In fact he chose to be humble and said that “coming into a room and looking down on others” was not his thing. “I don’t wanna have that ego” he said in addition to why he wouldn’t mind hanging out with the same crowd even though he was now at the “top”. According to him, “levels” didn’t scare him. And they would change him.

Moreover, he attributes his low self-esteem or and humility to growing up in a white neighbourhood. His famiy was taken in by a divorced man who gave them the upper floor and took the lower floor.

So, he felt like he was indebted somehow to this man and unable to own up his worth without feeling like Where he was was a result of privilege or grace. Zuma even felt too white in his own neighborhood of Umlazi and struggled to feel proud for much of his early life.

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