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Highlights on The Estate this month of March 2022. From episode 127 to episode 149.

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Highlights on The Estate this month of March 2022.

First week on The Estate (from 1st March to 4 March 2022)

Muzi makes a shocking revelation about the land claim lawsuit. Tessa’s plan fails miserably. Despite her concern for Chantelle, Suzaan refuses to give in. The Mokobanes are overjoyed with the news. Martin stands firm in the face of Tessa’s trickery. Chantelle’s day is saved by Gigi.

Muzi is weighed down by the cost of returning the land. Tessa intensifies her efforts to irritate Jo. Suzaan is on the verge of a double defeat. Muzi is confronted by Dumisani about his newly discovered conscience. Tessa puts a strain on Martin and Jo’s relationship. Suzaan makes a life-altering choice.

Second week on The Estate (from 7 March to 11 March 2022)

Castro tries to persuade Muzi to continue with Phase 3. Muzi catches the Mokobanes off guard. Leah tries to persuade her mother to reconsider her decision. Muzi is keeping a secret regarding their parents’ murder, Castro informs Siya. Chantelle is kept in the dark by Suzaan. Castro threatens to expose Muzi’s dark secret to the entire world. Tessa offers Jo an olive branch. Suzaan approaches Chantelle for assistance.

Siya’s divisive video has gone viral. Muzi has a beef with Elias Nkosi. Sindi claims she’s no longer dating Dumisani, but is she telling the truth? Tensions between Siya and Muzi’s brothers are rising. Sindi has to make a difficult decision. For the last time, Suzaan and Siya wake up together.

Third week on The Estate (from 14 March to 18 March 2022)

Residents of Echelon are furious with Muzi. Shadrack has been accused of being a traitor. At the Van Wyk residence, there is an intruder. Muzi and Lwandle, as well as Sindi and Ayanda, are having trouble in paradise. Jo is a threat to Martin’s ego. The wedding of Phakathwayo Nkosi has begun! Suzaan once again catches Leah off guard. Tessa tries to extort money from Martin.

At the traditional wedding, the Phakathwayos and the Nkosis merge. Jo throws a wrench in Tessa’s plans to get the money she needs. Gilles and Suzaan are at odds, and Leah is the one who brings them together. At the white wedding, chaos reigns! Tessa escalates her assault on Jo. At the wedding, Mmakoena is crushed by Lesiba.

The fourth week of The Estate (21 March to 25 March 2022)

Muzi strips Sindi of her inheritance. Leah finds out that she is not the only woman in Gilles’ life. Muzi contemplates revenge on Shadrack. The Phakathwayos deal with the wedding fallout. Muzi rages at Mmatshepo. Ayanda takes matters into his own hands. Tessa’s plan to break up the happy couple takes unexpected turn. Chantelle tells Leah about Gilles’ transgression.

The Thembalethu people are angry that Muzi is backtracking. Tsholofelo and Ayanda plan an intervention. Tessa finally gets the money she needs while Leah accuses Chantelle of going after her boyfriend. Traumatized Sindi returns to The Estate. After a fight with Jo, Tessa approaches psychic Precious to connect with her late mother.

Fifty Week on The Estate (from 28 March to 31 March)

The Phakathwayo brothers are on a mission for vengeance. Martin and Jo are at odds on how to deal with Tessa’s poor behaviour. Gilles’ second girlfriend is introduced to Leah. Muzi persuades a torn Sindi not to press charges. Lwandle is furious. Tessa finally sees Precious in person, and she has an emotional reunion with her late mother.

To safeguard his family, Siya visits a Sangoma. When Martin discovers that Tessa lied to him about the psychic, he is furious. Leah seeks dating advise from Chantelle. Sindi’s retaliation is plotted by Siya. When Tessa disobeys Martin, he becomes enraged. Gilles issues an ultimatum to Leah.

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Highlights on The Estate this month of March 2022.