Skeem Saam teasers April 2022

Skeem Saam teasers for April 2022 from episode from episode 195 to episode 215.


First week from Skeem Saam teasers (1 April 2022 to 8 April 2022)

A scary text arrives in John’s inbox from an unknown number. To keep the file, Charles devises a backup scheme. Rovuwa is visited by a dubious employee. When Meikie gets discovered breaching the rules, she jeopardises her freedom. The workforce of Café Rovuwa is divided over a potential buyer. Eunice realises that learning more about Fanie’s cryptography will be difficult.

Octavia admits to a crime she did after being pushed into a corner. Eunice takes a chance that could cost her her job. Kgosi enters what appears to be a business meeting between his employer and a coworker. Meikie leaps from the frying pan into the flames. Eunice and Emkay are taken aback by the amount of stuff Fanie has left behind. Lehasa gives Khwezikazi the shock of her life.

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John has returned to the Seakamelas’ dog crate. Eunice’s efforts are rewarded handsomely. Lehasa must put out yet another fire started by Khwezikazi. Unexpected people of the community speak out against Meikie’s appeal. Chef Kgosi begins his side gig. Eunice is hesitant to keep a pricey commitment.

Second week from Skeem Saam teasers (11 April 2022 to 15 April 2022)

MaNtuli, Charles, and Melita band together against a common foe. Eunice wants to make a significant purchase but lacks the necessary papers. When a teacher inquires about the celebration, Pax is shaken. Eunice begins to spend the cryptocurrency funds. Malebana gets closer to Kat. Pax concocts a grand celebration.

Meikie receives some long-awaited information. Despite warnings, Eunice spends her money recklessly. Kgosi’s plan to wreak havoc in Rovuwa is in full swing. MaNtuli and Charles’ worst fears are realised. Mosebjadi devastates her mother’s sole source of revenue. Eunice is advised by Pretty to keep her unexpected money to herself.

Pax’s crazy party throws up a slew of obstacles. Meikie, to John’s surprise, comes to a peaceful conclusion over the notorious D word. Mfundo is where Francois vents his fury.

Third week from Skeem Saam teasers (18 April 2022 to 22 April 2022)

When a hot slug drops in Melita’s bosom, her greatest nightmares come true. When Mr Kgomo hears that a coworker has wrecked havoc at his home, he is outraged. Mfundo has a proposal from Chef Kgosi. The Seakamelas believe that there is only one way to escape Meikie’s supposed fury. Pax’s party becomes a social media sensation, and the Kgomos blame everything on a particular physiotherapist.

A lady gets detained for a crime she denies committing. At work, Eunice continues to raise her brows. The principal is concerned that unrest is brewing at her school. Babeile discovers that his number one suspect in a string of recent crimes has a solid alibi. Mr. Kgomo dismisses an unruly employee. The grade 8 students harass a particular teacher, making her feel uneasy. Turf is still reeling after Meikie’s release. Eunice might have been exposed to the nefarious side of “fun.” Rosina is about to suffer the most heinous humiliation imaginable.

Fourth week from Skeem Saam teasers (25 April 2022 to 29 April 2022)

In the Turf shooting inquiry, Meikie presents a missing puzzle to the cops. Eunice’s newest shopping spree is documented on social media. The principal is adamant about catching the brick-note thief. Meikie’s comeback hasn’t been met with enthusiasm by the Turf Community. Pretty can’t handle Eunice 2.0. Mfundo’s chickens have come home to roost. Eunice’s party beast has been fully unleashed, and there’s no going back. When Pax informs his crew that Principal’s office has a blacklist, they become concerned. Francois implores Lehasa to give him more time to raise funds.

An enraged principal threatens a rowdy group of grade 8 students. When a community authority speaks up for a pleased ex-con, she feels justified. Eunice goes missing after a wild party and faces serious repercussions at work. Phoshoko has been tipped off, and the snitch is looking for all kinds of stitches. Lehasa decides to look into Eunice’s finances and enlists the help of the appropriate person. John wants his divorce to be finalised as soon as possible.

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