Hank Voight biography, real name, age, voice and wife

Hank Voight is a fictional police sergeant in Chicago PD portrayed by Jason Beghe. He played the head of the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit, which works out of the 21st District, in Chicago Fire and as a prominent role in Chicago PD. Despite his reputation as a suspected crooked cop who employs dubious tactics, Voight commands the respect and loyalty of his squad. [ ¹]

Biography Facts

Image of Hank Voight from Chicago PD
Image of Hank Voight from Chicago PD.

Full name: Hank Voight (fictional character)
Portrayed by: Jason Beghe
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1960s
Place of birth: America
Nationality: American
Occupation: Police officer, Police detective, Police Sergeant
Work Place: Chicago Police Department (Chicago PD)
Rank: Sergeant
Years Active: 1989 to present
Spouse: Camille Voight (wife; deceased)
Children: Justin Voight (son; deceased)
Erin Lindsay (foster daughter)

Early life of Hank Voight

Hank Voight was born in the 1960s a date close to Jason Beghe’s date of birth in real life. was first presented in Chicago Fire as a sleazy cop who uses all means possible to cover up a crime committed by his son Justin, including threatening Fire Lieutenant Matthew Casey, one of the show’s protagonists.

With the introduction of the spin-off Chicago P.D., Voight’s situation was eventually resolved. However, despite earning their grudging respect for his determination to obtaining justice for crime victims, he has a well-documented animosity with Casey—as a result of what transpired between them—and his dealings with the firefighters of 51 are marked by friction and suspicion.

Chicago Police Department career for Hank Voight

Image of Hank Voight on Duty with other police officers.
Image of Hank Voight on Duty with other police officers.

Voight has elevated his rankings in the Chicago PD from a normal police officer to a detective and then to a police sergeant. These promotions happened despite the open secret that Voight is a dirty cop who is associated with shady, unsavory characters in Chicago’s underworld, breaking police protocol and taking bribes.

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Voight has been revealed to have committed and covered up crimes on occasion. Despite his ruthlessness and underhanded approach to police work, Voight is a veteran who is committed to getting the job done, is extremely dedicated to the victims of his cases, goes out of his way to protect and help vulnerable young people, and has the best interests of his fellow cops and Chicago at heart.

In 2012 he was arrested by Det. Antonio Dawson for trying to have Casey silenced by force, but was later released from prison and reinstated to the police force by Internal Affairs. [ ²]

Personal life of Hank Voight

Image of Hank Voight with members of other departments such as Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.
Image of Hank Voight with members of other departments such as Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.

Hank has a son named Justin, whom he bails out after crashing into a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol in “Professional Courtesy.” As a result of Justin’s carelessness, the child in the van (Mike Duffy) is paralysed from the waist down, preventing him from ever playing hockey again. The friction between Hank and Fire Lieutenant Matthew Casey begins with this incident (Jesse Spencer).

Hank is widowed; his wife Camille died of ovarian cancer. Hank’s father, Richard, was also a Chicago Police Officer, who was killed when Hank was 8. [ ³]

Trivia of Hank Voight

The fans and viewers of Chicago PD loves Voight very much and they can’t Imagine Chicago PD with him. He is like the anchor of the show and the rest actors are just supporting him. Fans went further to create a separate fam page with a name Hank Voight fan page on Instagram with about 20 thousand followers as of 2022.

I am sure fans are intrigued by his deep voice which has so much authority in the Chicago PD and most people wonder if its his real voice or its edited.

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