Best scene ever on Queen,Msanzi Magic sopie..

Scene that got viewers talking

Scene that got viewers talking

Everyone has been praising The Queen Msanzi production for being the best after the death of Thato one of the actors.

Thato whose real name is Xolane Mayekiso left the viewer amazed after a scene of his tragic in a accident was shown on the screen.Most viewer who watched the episode felt that the episode was on another and it was real.The scene which showed Thato involved in a accident left other viewer feel emotional.Other were saying they were crying when the scene of the accident was being played. 1

The Queen which is one of the most viewed sopie on Msanzi Magic got all the credit from viewers for their best production after yesterday scene of Thato dying in an accident.


What happened to the scene that left Thato dead?

Thursday 6 May 2021
Episode 204

Anna talks, Santiago walks

“An enraged Thato races to warn Vuyiswa what she’s getting into before she ruins her life. The Khozas scramble to get Santiago back on their side.”

In the episode it showed that Thato was speeding the car and was on the phone.He was on his way to Vuyiswa but before he reaches there, Hector and his men tried  shooting him.He lost control  and died on the scene.

Ferguson Appreciation to the actor and their Ferguson Films

Connie Ferguson who is the owner and also the boss showed her appreciation to the Ferguson Films.”Well done to team Ferguson Films!




Mrs Ferguson also retweeted after Xolani Mayekiso’s Twitter as he was being thankful for playing the role of Thato that people has received his role as Thato.

Let’s have look at some of the tweets that show that the Queen deserve a bell.People have spoken what more do we want.The only thing that left is wether the award will be given to the actor or the film production.Viewers can’t wait!!