South African celebrities who don’t like each other in real life. 

While some celebrity feuds are staged. Some are actually real feuds between the celebrities in real life. So, in this article we will look into South African celebrities who don’t like each other in real life.

4. Amanda Du Pont and Joob joob

Celebrities who don't like each other
Image of Amanda and Jubjbu

The backlash between Amanda and Joob Joob started a while back. Joob Joob is famously known as a rapper and TV presenter, famous for presenting Uyajola 9 nine on Moja love. He is also known for his accident, in which he and his friend took the lives of 4 schoolchildren, leaving 2 with permanent brain damage. Their initial sentence was 25 years however, they ended up serving 4 years, and joob joob was released in 2017. His feud with du pont was because she was once a girlfriend of his and claims Joob Joob once forced himself on her numerous times, leading her to depression and self destructive thoughts. In fact, she added that he also tried to take her life. However, joob joob claims Du Pont is making all the stuff up because he allegedly exposed her. In fact, at one point, he apologized for allegedly abusing her but never admitted to forcing himself on her. As a result, Amanda Du Pont has no liking for the guy at all. However, in his case, Amanda is not the only accuser, joob joob was accused by 3 other women and even his ex, Kelly Khumalo accused him of abusing her physically. Could it be possible that all these women are making it up? Share your thoughts. [1]

3. Lady Zamar and Sjava

South African Celebrities who don't like each other
Image of Sjava and Lady Zama

Lady Zamar is one of the other celebrities on this list who exhibits a huge resentment for another celebrity, namely Sjava. Jahboolanee known as Sjava is a South African singer and actor who was allegedly in a relationship with Zamar at one point. However, the story is more twisted than you think, in fact lady Zamar claimed to dating Sjava out of fear. According to Lady Zamar, she didn’t even know if it was a relationship or what. Zamar accused Sjava of forcing himself on to her few years ago, she claimed that the two were only kissing when the musician took off her clothes and violated her, of which she claims she told him to stop but couldn’t stop him because he was massive and strong compared to her. Moreover, Zamar claims that Sjava took advantage of the fact that she had just left surgery and was still in stitches. So, she couldn’t fight back. As a result of these allegations, Sjava lost a lot of gigs including his contract at Oozarlow. However, after her report, the NPA refused to prosecute and said the case against Sjava was weak and he himself maintained that he was innocent. But that’s not the end of it, in later statements, zamar claimed that perhaps if she had said no a little louder then this wouldn’t have happened. She has been dragged on social media for this, as fans and Sjava himself maintain that she made the accusations because Sjava had a wife and was only using her as a side chick of which he apologized for. To this day, Lady Zamar maintains that she didn’t dte Sjava by her full will, but as a result of a trauma response. Infact she claims that up to this day she doesn’t see Sjava the same way, saying, he terrifies her. [2]

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2. Black Coffee and Mbaliey Mapoomolow

South African Celebrities who don't like each other
Image of Black Coffee and Enhle

Black Coffee is a grammy winning famous South African DJ and Musician. He was married to Mbaliey mapoomolow, who divorced him fews years ago citing his continued infidelity. Of which black coffee later admitted to and of which he blamed being young and clouded by fame. Moreover, the divorcee Mbaliey who’s also a celebrity famous for her acting on soap operas, claimed that the DJ abused her. At the time she was serious about the allegations and went as far as pressing charges. However, without enough evidence, the story would only fade into myth. Later on however, she claimed to have let go of the pain and was working on healing through various meditations. Moreover, she congratulated the DJ on his grammy nomination and win. Furthermore, Mapoomolow continues to recieve spousal alimony from the DJ and the two are co-parenting. While she didn’t reverse her claims, it seems as if she has let go of her initial resentment towards the DJ.

1. Mohaliey and So-me-zee

South African Celebrities who don't like each other
Image of Somizi and Mohale

Moharley is a South African actor and social media influencer famous for allegedly marrying the sarafina veteran actor Sowmeziey. While everything looked perfect to the outside world, the couple was allegedly going through some serious problems of their own. All these would soon reveal themselves towards the end of the relationship when Mooharley accused his partner of abusing him physically. According to Mooharley, who was at least 20 years Sowmeziey’s junior, he was abused physically in the relationship and claimed the senior actor was controlling. Of course the veteran actor denied the allegations and didn’t lose much on his career part as a result of the allegations. But these allegations remain pending and unreversed. So, the two aren’t in speaking terms anymore. Moreover, after the seperation, it was revealed that the marriege wasn’t even legitimate, so there was no divorce. [3]