Pabi Moloi on motherhood, marriage drama, affirmations and how to be productive

Image of Pabi Moloi an actress and presenter.
Image of Pabi Moloi an actress and presenter.

Pabi Moloi (born January 18, 1984) is a South African television host, actress, and radio DJ who is best known for hosting the M-Net magazine show All Access from 2009 until 2012. Moloi shares a son with one man named Ruan Adams who reportedly wanted half of everything she has after issuing a divorce. We will cover this later on in the article.

Why did Pabi Moloi leave the morning show?

She hosted the second season of Out of the Box on SABC3 in 2006. In 2008, she hosted the SABC1 game program The Amazing Date. And much recently she was the host of etv’s “The morning show” which she left a year ago. According to pabi, she was on the morning show to explore her TV presenting and actuality skills. So after a year with the morning show.

She left to pursue other media related interests saying: “I am excited to have showcased my news and actuality skills this year. South Africa is genuinely teeming with opportunity, and I’m grateful to be shifting into exciting new spaces, she said.”

What really happened between Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams

Around April of 2022, news articles talking about Pabi Moloi’s marriege started circulating the internet. Apparently Moloi’s husband had issued a divorce and wanted 50 percent of everything she had. The property included a multimillion rand media business Pabi owns, numerous luxury cars and other properties.

However, Pabi insisted they were never married. According to her lawyer, there was nothing Adams had on Pabi. Regardless of her denial, fans took the matter into their own hands. They did some digging and found out that Pabi had once posted a picture of their alleged wedding. It was a traditional wedding, which got her fans turned against her and calling her a liar.

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However, when analyzed, what Pabi was saying was still holding water. In less layman terms, Pabi said that she was never married to Ruan Adams in a “community of property” wedding. Which allows there to be the possibility of a cultural contractless wedding. No news have since resurfaced about their marriege.

Pabi Moloi talks motivation and affirmations

Image of Pabi Moloi an actress and presenter.
A stunning picture of Pabi Moloi.

In an interview with James Laughlin, Pabi was asked to tell viewers about her day and what keeps her going. In response, Pabi said that she woke up super early. Prepare and then go and prepare for the show. (It was done when she was still at The morning show) After, the morning show, she is back home and working on other things.

One of the things Pabi Moloi enjoys doing is listening to affirmations. According to Moloi, affirmations keep her going and when she is busy with her things, she listens to affirmations. Another one of the things that keep Pabi going is exercise. She enjoys exercising and says that it is very helpful in being productive. As well as channelling your energies to the right places. However, she only started exercising at the age of 24.

A discovery age for her as she was not into extra curricular activities even at school. As she put: “I was proud to be one of those learners who don’t do anything athletic at school”. So these are some of the things that help her. However, she does not execise daily, because of her busy schedule she only exercises when there is time.

Pabi Moloi on her mother being her role model

Moloi also shared who her role models were, starting from historical figures like Shaka and Nandi to Winnie Madikizela Mandele. According to Moloi, Winnie Mandela inspires her to be herself before she is anything else. She is a “firebrand” of “autonomy” according to Pabi. However, he main role model is actually her own mother.

Just like Pabi, her own mother was a super star in the entertainment world and garnered more accolades than Pabi herself. However, even as a validated superstar, Pabi’s mother was always present. So, this close to home realistic role model is what Moloi considers an ideal one. That looking too far is an almost less inspiring way to look at role models.

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