The brief look into Sdumo Mtshali and his long life career and the Estate

Sdumo Mtshali known as Solomuzi from The Estate on SABC 3

Sdumo Mtshali known as Solomuzi from The Estate on SABC 3

Sdumo Mtshali is a South African actor who rose to fame by winning the first season of the SABC1 reality competition Class Act, in 2010. Originally from Durban, he currently resides in Johannesburg. As of 2021, Sdumo plays Solomuzi on The Estate on SABC 3. One of the main lead roles on the show.

How Sdumo Mtshali began his career

In October 2010, he won his first leading dramatic role in the SABC1 drama series Intersexions. He earned the part of Maidi Kotwe on Rhythm City in 2011 and starred in it for a year. Moreover, his character, a medical student, was married to Bonnie Henna’s Nozipho Kotwe. And was in a love triangle with Tshidi (played by Nokuthula Ledwaba).

In 2013, he returned to Rhythm City to play Kuti Daniels in the SABC1 drama series Tempy Pushas. Which is set against the backdrop of the opulent fashion industry and contrasting with the lively township culture.

Intensive background of Sdumo Mtshali

Sdumo, who was born at Durban’s King Edwards Hospital, has always wanted to be an actor. Furthermore, he has a theatrical background, having performed in shows while studying drama. Mtshali now works as a full-time actor. S’dumo Mtshali is a South African actor who studied acting at the University of Durban before joining Class Act in 2010.

Winning the Class Act competition of 2010

He auditioned for Class Act in 2010 after working a series of odd jobs. Including working at Marine World. However, he won the competition. As a result, he received representation from Moonyeen Lee and Associates. This was part of his award, and was sent to the New York Film Academy for eight weeks to develop his acting skills.

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Mtshali was cast in the Donovan Marsh film iNumber Number. And, upon his return to South Africa, which was part of his award for winning Class Act. He starred as Spikiri in the feature film Inside Story, directed by Rolie Nikiwe, in 2012. S’dumo also has a leading part in the Mzansi Magic telenovela-turned-soap-opera isiBaya as Sibusiso “S’bu” Ndlovu, Samson’s youngest son.

Sdumo Mtshali blames his background for his love of the craft

Image of Sdumo Mtshali known as Solomuzi from The Estate on SABC 3
Sdumo Mtshali known as Solomuzi from The Estate on SABC 3

He got hooked on acting when he was still a child, and he blames his father for it. When he was younger, his dad used to collect movies on VHS cassettes. And it was this that made him fall in love with the craft.

““Oh man, we would spend hours watching movies. Even other kids from our community would come and watch the movies. There are so many of them and in particular, I remember how my dad used to love watching one called Lean on Me by Morgan Freeman.” Said Mtshali talking about his background.

“I think that inspired my dad very much as a school teacher and later a principal. Movies have always been a part of my life thanks to my dad and I remember him once asking why Americans were telling our stories after watching Denzel Washington playing an African character.

That stuck with me and I never forgot it. I think it is part of the reason I want to be telling our stories through film at a Hollywood level. I do not want to go to Hollywood, I just want their calibre of filmmaking,” said Mtshali.

Sdumo Mtshali says his supportive family really blessed him

“I think because of my dad’s experience as a teacher and being able to identify kids’ strengths, he was able to see that my passion was drama. But I know that he did say ‘kumel uphase ngoba uzodinga ufunda iscript’ (you’ll have to pass because you are going to have to be able to read a script). I am very grateful for my family because they are very supportive.”

As a result of movie loving rich background. He was so prone to pursuing acting in adulthood. And that’s what he did. It goes to show that great things start small. Mtshali has a twin sister who is a teacher. And also a younger brother who is an entrepreneur. His parents are both retired, his dad from being a school principal and his mom from being a nurse.

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