Who is Carla Classen: Get to know more about her life, full biography

Carla Classen is a South African actress best known for her role as Nixie in the 2018 adventure film Stroomop. Classen was born on the 23rd of May 1993 and is only 29 years old as of 2022.

Biography Facts

Image of Carla Classen

Full name: Carla Classen
Date of birth: 23 May 1993 (29 years as of 2022)
Place of birth: Not known
Education: BA Hons (Drama) at the University of Pretoria.
Height: 1.54m
Occupation: Voice Over artist, Singer and Actress
Current location: Johannesburg
Accents: Russian, British, American, Cockney, French, Irish, Scottish and Australian
Nationality: South African

She earned a BA Hons (Drama) Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria, with a concentration in Movement and Theatre Making. Carla earned the US Woordfees Prize for her stage performance Howled and She Forgot to Say Sorry at the Kopanong Festival in 2016. Furthermore, Classsen has some special skills. Which include singing, physical theatre, being a Qualified Lessac Voice and Body practioner, Hiking, Weapons, Handling and Swimming. These skills make her advantageous as an actress.

Early childhood and inspiration of Carla Classen

A beautiful portrait of Carla Classen.
A beautiful portrait of Carla Classen.

Carla attributes her inspiration to the Harry potter films that she enjoyed. According to her, she always wished to be in another world. And she would do this by relentlessly watching films. Mostly fantasy films that explored fantastic and unreal worlds like Harry potter did. Carla had to pick subjects she didn’t like as a “back up”. This was because her parents wanted her to have a back up. She ended up picking Physics and Biology and Pure mathematics.

However, according to Classen, her parents were not unsupportive. As she said in an interview with Lane Lens: “They were right to worry”. Carla says it was more of a financial concern considering her family and the chaos in the acting industry. However, they did not stop her from participating in house plays and school plays. These were some of the places Carla found her validation and confirmations.

So after she completed her high school education. She enrolled the University of Pretoria (UP) and after graduating she furthered her degree to honours. As a result, she left the university at the age of 27. School wasn’t all easy for Classen but her desire and burning passion saved her. So, it wasn’t as strenuous as it would’ve been had she been studying something she didn’t love. [ ¹]

Carla Classen after her University degree

Classen finished her Honours in 2015. As she said : “I’m a nerd”. So from 2015 onward she started auditioning. She had gotten a really cool agent and that helped her move her way up. However, it wasn’t just that easy because as old she was (26) no one believed her. As a result she would lose out on age appropriate roles and be given way younger roles.

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She was judged based on her appearance rather than talent. Predominantly so to say. In addition to Bloodwedding, Hinterland, Stanley Washed Away, A Sense of Touch, Liewe Heksie en die Rotbende, Christine’s Room, and Goggas, she has acted in a number of other plays.

She had her world premiere at the Theaterformen Theatre Festival in Braunschweig, Germany, in Jade Bower’s Jungfrau in 2018.

Acting career of Carla Classen

Image of Carla Classen.
Image of Carla Classen.

Carla landed her first starring role in television when she was cast as Tessa van Wyk, a teenager whose mother is bed-ridden, in the SABC3 telenovela The Estate. The series premiered on 5 April, 2021. However, her screen acting debut was in the adventure film Stroomop, in 2018. Her character, Nixie, is an introverted millennial hiding her pain behind false illusions in the form of filters and hashtags.

The following year she played Kittie Koemoetie Snr in the Brett Michael Innes version of the classic film Fiela se Kind (Fiela’s Child). Other films she has acted in include Mr Johnson and the supernatural television movie Parable, directed by Beer Adriaanse.

Carla made her television acting debut in early 2018 when she was in the recurring role of Shanice on the SABC2 soapie 7de Laan. Her final appearance on the show was on 28 September, 2020. She had a guest starring role in the BET drama series Isono, in an episode which aired on 16 February, 2021 (Season 1, Episode 82); and also guested in the M-Net drama Lioness (Season 1, Episode 9). [ ²]

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